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Online casino gambling with good old fashioned dice

By mr-gambling on 2012-05-22 12:17:02

Online casino gambling offers us a huge variety of casino games to choose from, ranging from the games such as poker and backgammon which take a little time to learn, to the very simple casino games such as the slots. Because they are not confined by space limitations, almost all the online casinos try to offer casino games to suit everyone, but it is not just the slots which offer a quick result for small stakes. Ladbrokes and Paddy Power for instance both offer us the option of gambling on dice games. The roll of the dice has been part of gambling throughout the world for centuries, and still plays a massive roll in many popular games. Dice gambling at our online casinos also takes many forms, from the simple prediction of the total of two dice, called ‘Roll‘em’ at Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, to the popular American casino dice game of Craps. Craps is played with two dice on a table similar in layout to a roulette table, and offers gamblers the chance to gamble on the total and/or any double. If you gamble on a specific double, this is known as craps and gives this casino game its name. Even more gambling options are available on the Ladbrokes online casino site with their dice game called Snake Eyes. This casino dice game allows players gambling on dice to select totals plus Hi/Lo, odd/even, and of course doubles. For those who enjoy gambling on dice and want a dice game with even more options, take a look at Miami Dice on the Paddy Power online casino. Miami Dice uses five dice, which of course provides significantly more gambling options on a table layout even more like you will find in roulette. All these dice gambling games can be played for very low stakes, and there is somehow something very satisfying about gambling on the roll of the dice. If you’re looking for an online casino game which requires little or no experience, or you are a roulette fan looking for a change, gambling on dice games could be the answer. Log on and give them a go.