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Learn poker gambling by playing let it ride poker

By mr-gambling on 2012-05-18 14:16:15

We are sometimes asked here at what the best way of learning to play poker is and clearly the best answer is simple to play for small stakes and learn as you go but there is another way to learn about gambling on poker and that is to play the rather unusual game of let it ride poker or simply let it ride as it is sometimes known. This is a form of poker gambling where you do need to form a poker hand of 5 cards in exactly the same way as Texas Hold’em but there is no bluffing involved and you can only lose what you originally stake. Let it ride is similar in a way to video poker gambling where hands are paid out at fixed odds so the better your hand the more you win but there is a unique difference with gambling on let it ride poker which is explained in full in our online casino pages but basically you can adjust your stake during play. Your initial stake when gambling on let it ride is in fact three separate bets which are all placed at the beginning of the game before any cards are dealt but after the first three cards are dealt you can either withdraw one of your bets or let it ride (which is where the name of this gambling game comes from). After this decision another card will be dealt making four in total and you can again make a decision to withdraw a bet or not but the good thing about let it ride poker gambling is that even though you withdrew a bet at round one you are still in the game so if the fourth card is more to your liking you can still let your nest bet ride. Let it ride poker gambling can be great fun and will certainly help in appreciating the value of poker hands.