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Online casino gambling is extremely popular in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2017-05-11 08:34:33

Online gambling has made it much easier for many people to have a regular flutter on the horses or the dogs or any other sport for that matter but where Irish gamblers have the largest benefit is in casino gambling. Up until the coming of online casinos the only way to gamble at casino games was to become a member of the so called card clubs which many people outside the large cities could not or would not do. This could also mean travel difficulties or at a minimum inconvenience so even members were mostly not gambling on casino games on a regular basis. Gambling online has changed all that for good and now casino gambling is available to everyone who has a computer or other internet device and there are many Irish casino players who enjoy casino gambling on a very regular basis but what games do they play and which online casinos are the favourites?

There is no one single answer to either of these questions as Irish people are known to enjoy all forms of gambling. When it comes to casino gambling however there are two very distinct groups of players. The first group sticks to the traditional casino games of roulette and blackjack where the chances of winning are recognised as being the best due to the low casino margin and both games are very easy to play but the drawback with these games is that to win large amounts it is necessary to bet large amounts. The second group of casino players is the largest group and they are the casino slots players. The attraction here is that no skill is involved at all and it is possible to win large amounts for very small stakes albeit that the chances of winning are less than at the more traditional games. There are literally hundreds of casino slots available at most online casinos but strangely enough slots gambling enthusiasts often stick with only one or two slots that they known intimately and understand when winning symbols appear. This may seem obvious but when casino slots have 50 or more winning lines it is not always easy to follow. Original casino slots which had three reels and one winning line across the middle have long been surpassed by incredibly complicated electronic devices offering 5 reels and sometimes even these have been superseded by slots with fifteen independent symbols.

These latest offerings create new opportunities such as can be found at casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ or Gonzo’s Quest™ which add to the enjoyment. For example the Jack Hammer™ slot or the Jack Hammer 2™ slot each has a feature which is called Sticky Wins™ which is only made possible by the fact that all 15 symbols visible can move independently. The feature works automatically and requires no intervention from the slots player. As soon as a winning combination of three or more symbols is achieved all winning symbols are held and all other are spun again. This can of course result in more of the same symbols appearing which increases the win and if it does then those are also held and the process repeated again and again until no more winning symbols appear. This effectively means that even a simple win of three symbols can quickly climb to a much more lucrative payout as there are in total 25 winning lines. The re-spins happen automatically and there is no need to add additional funds. When no further improvement in the win is achieved then the highest win or wins is paid out. There are of course wilds to help along the way but really large wins are achieved in free spins mode. To enter free spins mode it is necessary to get a minimum of 5 free spins symbols anywhere on the screen which will give you 10 free spins. The more free spins symbols you have the more free spins are awarded with anything over 8 symbols granting 30 free spins. A minimum of 5 symbols may seem harsh but the Sticky Wins™ feature is helping as any three free spins symbols will be held in the same way as a win and the remaining 12 symbols re-spun. All wins in free spins mode are tripled which is why massive wins can be achieved.

This type of casino slot is why many people are turning to casino gambling on a regular basis as it provides great entertainment with the possibility to register a good profit. The other online casino slot mentioned above was Gonzo’s Quest™ and this slot also uses 15 independent symbols but in a different way. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a sort of Aztec themed casino slot with hieroglyphics carved onto blocks of stone but in this case it is the winning blocks which explode and are replaced by new ones whilst all others remain. Wins are not increased but new blocks can create new winning lines and there is a win multiplier which runs up to 5 times for successive wins and of course the wins are cumulative. Once again there are wilds and free spins symbols which are called free falls in this particular slot and once again it is very interesting to get into that mode of play. Gonzo himself will stop scratching his beard and escort you to the free falls game which is identical to the original game in terms of winning blocks exploding but the big difference is that the win multiplier starts at 3 times and runs up to fifteen times with successive wins which can really make a large win.

Gambling online has never been easier and many people are taking advantage of being able to play these exciting games. One of the favourite online casinos of is All Irish Casino which can be accessed directly from this site and both the casino slots featured can be found there amongst several hundred others. Take a look around and try them out for free. allows you to play for free for as long as you like so take advantage and try some new games.