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By mr-gambling on 2017-05-03 15:27:30

There are literally hundreds of casino gambling games available at online casinos these days ranging from the ever popular roulette and blackjack through less well known ones such as Craps and Caribbean Stud to an array of casino slots that frequently number into the hundreds on their own. This is made possible by the huge advancement in the casino software used for online gambling over the past years. The creation of casino software has become a very specialised business and whereas in the beginning of online casinos companies tried to write their own casino software with varying degrees of success,  today no online casino even attempts it. Online gambling sites can have sports gambling alongside casino gambling but it is the casino gambling where the advance in software is the most noticeable. This specialisation means that there are now far fewer casino software suppliers than there are online casinos so the problem then arises, if it can be considered a problem, that different online casinos use the same casino software and therefore have an identical line up of casino games. Some casino gambling sites choose to use only one casino software supplier for which they possibly get a better deal from the software supplier but others are more concerned that the customer has the best possible choice and are willing to forego any possible financial advantage to make this happen.

A good example can be found at All Irish Casino ( where the predominant casino software used for the gambling games is NetEnt which is one of the larger casino software providers. However, although NetEnt has casino slots with large jackpots such as Arabian Nights™ or Hall of Gods™ which both regularly run at over a million Euro the really huge jackpots which run into the multi millions of Euro are powered by Microgaming so to cater for the slots players that chase these huge jackpots All Irish Casino has included some of the Microgaming slots into the line up. These include Mega Moolah™ and Mega Moolah ISIS™ where the jackpots are often in excess of €5 million. For those who enjoy  casino gambling but are not interested in chasing a huge jackpot with little chance of winning it there are planet of other casino software suppliers and one of the more interesting ones is Amanet. Amanet is the online name of a company called Amatic Industries who have been in the casino slots industry for many years but until recently have been solely focused on the cabinet style slot machines that can be found in  land based casinos around the world as well as in certain clubs. Some of these slots gambling games are well loved but until recently have not been available online. Amatic has got together with an online casino called who now offer a good selection of the slots.  As these casino slots originated as cabinet games they can be much simpler and easier to follow than some others which is attractive to many casino gamblers. Casino slots such as Hot 81™ which is a simpler 4 reel slot with traditional symbols of 7s, bells, bars and fruits coupled with wilds is a great slot and the maximum win on a line is 100 but as the slot has 81 winning lines that can be 8100 which is a very good win. This slot also has an interesting feature where when a wild appears on any of the four reels all symbols below that wild automatically become wilds as well. Casinocasino is the only place that knows about that offers these casino slots.

The largest collection of slots at an online casino gambling site is probably at where they have taken the idea of multiple casino software suppliers to extreme. At this online casino they use casino software from NetEnt, Microgaming, NYX Gaming, Play N Go, Quickspin, IGT, Genii, Yggdrasil, and to cap it all off a selection of smaller companies under the banner of Scientific Games. In total there are over 800 casino slots on this one site. If you have never heard of Yggdrasil there is no need to worry as it stems from Norse mythology and it is the tree of life that stands in the centre of the world but as it is invisible you will not have seen it. Quite how this translates into an online casino software provider is a bit of a mystery but they do have some good dames. There are a number of gambling games in amongst all of these where the style of the game is pure entertainment and none more so than Birds on a Wire which can be found at Instacasino under the NYX banner although the creator of the slot is Thunderkick. This slot features birds sitting on wires but these are no telephone wires, they are high voltage wires. The birds themselves bear no resemblance to actual birds so any ornithologists out there will not be upset in fact one of them seems to fly round covered in a paper bag. The birds sit peacefully on the wires until a winning combination of three or more is achieved whereupon the wires become live and the winning birds are electrocuted and fall off in a puff of soot and feathers. These are then replaced by others that fly in and the win multiplier moves on to 2X. If the new birds also form a winning combination the same thing happens to them and the win multiplier moves to 3X. The maximum win multiplier is 5X but wins continue until no further win is achieved. The big fat black bird is wild and three paper bag birds will take you to the bonus game which is in effect free spins. In this game the win multiplier stats at 4X and moves to 8X, 12X, 16X and 20X times win value. This is a very funny casino slots and well worth a look at. You can play this game in free play mode for as long as you like.