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Live casino gambling online is still a lonely pastime for most people

By mr-gambling on 2017-09-16 13:35:24


Gambling has long been part of Irish culture and the saying the luck of the Irish is not there for nothing although some would argue that it has nothing to do with gambling at all but rather with the success of the Irish American gold prospectors in the gold rush years. In some cases it has been used in rather derogatory terms suggesting that finding the gold was more by good luck than by skill or knowledge of knowing where to look. True or not gambling and in particular online gambling is still very much part of the Irish psyche but the country is probably one of the worst served in Europe in terms of casinos where people can visit and enjoy themselves. The online gambling world has attempted to address this with a proliferation of online casinos available to Irish casino players but the only real attempt at getting close to an actual casino is at the live casino option which most online casinos now have. Live casino might be as good as we can get to an actual casino but it still lacks the atmosphere. Gambling online tends to be a very lonely pastime and although it is very possible and often great fun to do it with a friend or partner most still prefer a solo approach. In a live casino there are always plenty of people around and to be fair part of the enjoyment is watching other people and how they play and react when winning or losing. There are indeed those who spend more time watching others than actually playing themselves.

The live casino gambling feature at an online casino is often nothing more than a room somewhere, often in Eastern Europe, in which various roulette tables and card tables have been placed. It is staffed by younger ladies or men who are generally pretty good looking (that could even be part of the job requirement) who act as dealers and the proceedings are streamed to your device by strategically placed cameras. The cameras are careful not to show anything except what is going on at the table you are playing so except for the dealer there is nobody to be seen. It would be a fair question to ask what the point of live casino is when the contact with other people is no different from play at a regular online casino especially as the number of casino games available is far fewer. The reason most quoted by live casino players is that they do not trust the random number generator which is used in online casinos to determine the next card or the number on the roulette wheel. This lack of trust is most apparent when hitting a losing streak. In truth of course a true RNG is as random as spinning the roulette wheel or dealing from decks of cards. Good online casinos such as any of those listed and recommended on this site have their random number generators regularly checked to ensure they are working correctly. This is as much in the interests of the online casino as its customers as any quirk or suggestion of non randomness would be quickly identified and utilised by players to their advantage. Irish casino players are not slow to see and use any advantage they can gain and neither should they be.

This perceived better chance of winning when gambling online at the live casino is therefore unfounded but if some players feel better about it then good luck to them. There are a couple of exceptions to the Eastern Europe location of these rooms such as at All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino or Freespins Casino. These online casinos work in conjunction with an actual casino on the island of Malta which incidentally is also one of the best known locations in Europe for licensing and administering online gambling. The streaming is still not from the actual casino floor as that would certainly not be allowed but it is at least from a room in the building. This attachment should at least guarantee professional dealers and as English is a second authorised language in the country there should be fewer communication issues.

Live casino gambling cannot however get away from the fact that only few casino games are played such as roulette and blackjack. You may find Baccarat or Punto Banco as it sometimes known and just occasionally Caribbean Stud or Casino Hold’em which is very similar. These are casino games where a dealer can be useful but other table games such as Craps or Sic Bo will not appear in the live casino section. Also of course there are no casino slots in the live casino which is a major problem as casino slots happen to the most popular of all casino games at online casinos. There is nothing wrong with the live casino option at online casinos and it does add another casino gambling  dimension which suits some people but it will never take over from regular casino gambling at online casinos using the random number generator.

Should you decide to have a go at the live casino you can generally choose your table by the size of your stake although there is usually quite a large overlap between minimum and maximum stakes. For example at All Irish Casino there is one roulette table called VIP Live Roulette which has stakes from €1 to €75000 which surely covers everybody’s needs. At the same online casino there are blackjack tables for stakes of between €1 and €5000 but also one with stakes of €20 to €2000 which seems a bit strange. One more thing that you cannot do in the live casino section which you can do at the regular online casino is play for free so from that point of view it is the same as a land based casino but as there are more financial overheads to covered at live casino the approach seem s quite reasonable.