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Casino gambling depends on casino software companies

By mr-gambling on 2017-08-31 13:20:27

Online gambling has been around for quite a while now and while the number of sports gambling sites has increased only slowly the number of casino gambling sites seems to be ever increasing. The reason for this is that it seems to be considerably easier to start an online casino site than a sports gambling site and the reason for this is that the casino software which is required is available as an off the shelf package. It cannot be suggested that starting an online casino gambling site is easy; it is not and it is certainly not cheap as major investment is required but when compared to online sports gambling it is possibly easier. There are a limited number of casino software companies which are supplying their software to the online casino industry and this partly explains why some online casinos look remarkably similar to others. Take for example No Bonus Casino and Freespins casino. Although these two online casinos take a different approach to attracting and keeping players and of course use different colour schemes, a closer look reveals that they are very similar indeed as they both predominately use the well known casino software from NetEnt. This is in no way meant as a criticism of these two excellent online casinos and indeed casino software being used by several casinos can be a distinct advantage to Irish casino players.

As online casinos that use the same casino software will have the same range of casino slots it becomes very much easier for a player to switch from one online casino to another without having to learn new games plus where it concerns progressive jackpot slots the more online casinos that carry the slot by virtue of using the same casino software the quicker the jackpot builds. Casino jackpots when gambling online in fact administered by the casino software company rather than by any individual online casino and are built up by each spin contributing a minuscule amount. The more casinos using the software, the more spins there will be and therefore the jackpots will build faster. This also goes some way to explain why online casinos are always so happy when one of their players hits a big jackpot when you might expect them to be upset at losing such large amounts of money. With the casino software administering the jackpot it is they who actually pay out and not the individual online casino but of course it is the online casino that can get all the publicity which will hopefully attract more new players. This is a unique structure in online gambling as in sports gambling for example each gambling site takes its own risks and pays out all winning bets but then it is extremely rare for sports gambling to result in payouts of several million Euro on a single bet.

Casino software companies do come both large and small and both are capable of producing very good casino games but the difference is mostly in the quantity of games rather than the quality. The larger casino software players such as Microgaming, Playtech or NetEnt can often be used exclusively on a casino site or in certain circumstances such as at All Irish Casino in combination with each other. In this example All Irish Casino predominately uses Netent casino software but as several of the really huge jackpot slots have been created by Microgaming the online casino has incorporated those slots into the line up. NetEnt has its own progressive jackpot slots of course but some of the more popular slots such as Mega Moolah™ are from Microgaming. The smaller casino software companies such as NYX or Thunderkick tend to be used in combination with each other. The greatest number of casino software combination can possible be found at InstaCasino where the range os casino slots is enormous and you can find slots from some very small players such as Yggdraasil who you have probably never heard of.

One of the more interesting newcomers to the online casino software market is Amanet and whose slots can be found at Amanet is the name used by Amatic Industries for their online operations and although the name of Amatic might not sound familiar they have in fact been in the casino gambling industry for quite a long time. For the first years however they concentrated their efforts on the casino slots that can be found in actual casinos or in clubs around the country which are sometimes referred to as cabinet style machines. These machines are of course still around and many of the slots themes proved very popular which is why Amatic decided to enter the online casino software market. With no obvious choice of online casino to do business with a joint venture was formed with an experienced team in the business and they came up with This online casino uses predominately but not exclusively the Amanet casino software casino slots some of which are very popular due simply to the simplicity of operation. There are even one or two three reel slots which are very easy to follow.

For pure entertainment value there are a couple of casino slots and one in particular from the casino software Thunderkick which is called Birds on a  Wire™. Casino gambling should be fun as well as being a possible way of making a profit and Birds on a Wire™ certainly is that. The birds which do not resemble any real birds are sitting on high voltage wires which is fine until they produce a winning combination and the wires turn live. The winning birds are immediately electrocuted and fall off the wires in a puff of smoke and feathers. The spaces are filled with new birds which fly in and a win multiplier moves up to 2X. If the new birds also form a winning combination the process repeats itself. As the birds do not resemble actual birds in any way shape or form it is quite amusing and entertaining.