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Live casino gambling does not improve your chances

By mr-gambling on 2019-02-23 16:01:47

The local bookmaker has been part of Irish gambling life since the year dot but in recent years there has been a new kid on the block in the form of online gambling which precludes the need to visit anybody or even to leave the house. Originally this was restricted to gambling online from a PC in your home but today most online gambling sites are accessible from your mobile phone or tablet making it even easier. Unfortunately this move to online gambling put many of the small family owned bookmakers out of business as they could not afford the investment required to follow the online trend and even the larger ones have found that investment a real drag on profitability which has resulted in several  joint ventures such as Paddy Power/Betfair. Apart from having sports gambling available online, casino gambling has been introduced which is new to many people in Ireland as there are no real casinos available in the country. The only available experience of casino gambling was when overseas. Prospective Irish casino players have taken to online casinos very quickly and more and more are signing up every week but the question remains which online casino to use and whether the live casino option is better than the RNG.

To tackle the first question first there are many casino gambling sites that can provide excellent entertainment and they range from the very well known to the less well known but has looked at several of them on your behalf and come up with a shortlist that might be interesting. There is a top three mentioned but under the “casinos” tab there are descriptions of others and just because an online casino does not feature in the top three in the opinion of does not make it a bad casino. Any online casino mentioned on the site is a perfectly safe place to be as they are all correctly licensed and operated from within a recognised territory. Interestingly no online casino gambling site operates from within Ireland as all prefer low tax regimes such as Malta or Gibraltar. The top three all have something a little but different to offer. has possibly the greatest range of casino slots available anywhere so if you are a slots player, as many Irish casino players are, then this could be the place for you. This huge range of slots is achieved by using several different casino software companies on the same site. Each casino software company has a range of slots and if they are combined into one online casino you end up with literally hundreds to choose from. The normal games of roulette and blackjack are of course not forgotten.

Fun casino thinks that online gambling should be fun and that it can only remain that way if players gamble within their means. Fun casino, therefore, goes out of its way to provide every opportunity for players to set their own limits at the very outset. These limits can in the form of maximum deposits within a time frame or maximum stakes or even things as the time spent at the casino. The limits can be changed but only lowering limits will be activated immediately. Any raising of limits will only be activated after 7 days. This is done to ensure that players do not act in an unreasonable manner in times of high stress. Players cannot be forced to set limits for themselves but Fun Casino has a way round this by having house set limits which will apply if a player does not set their own. The online casino is also a great casino with a huge variety of casino games but likes the approach of trying to keep it all fun.

No Bonus Casino is a casino that believes that existing players should be rewarded in the same way as new players. It is quite common for online casinos to offer a bonus to new players only which is designed to attract them but ignores loyal players altogether. No Bonus Casino decided that this was unfair and therefore offers no bonuses to anyone but there is an alternative which comes in the form of cash back f you lose. There are not many online gambling places where you can get cash back if you lose but No Bonus Casino is one of them. The promotion is simple enough and states that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and mange to lose it all on the same day by playing any of the casino games on the site then 10% will be refunded the very next day. The cash back really is cash back. It is not placed into some special account where it must be wagered a number of times but straight back into your playing account where you can do what you like with it and as already said this is not an offer for new players only, it is there for every player to take advantage of every time they make a deposit.

And so to the question of live casino or RNG casino. RNG stands for random number generator ad it is the process by which the next card or number on the roulette wheel is selected. This is the standard operational mode of all online casinos. RNGs have been around for many years and are very trustworthy but there will always be players who have a natural distrust of them so for them there is live casino. Virtually all online casinos today offer a live casino but mostly it is nothing more than a room somewhere which has been equipped with the necessary tables and camera equipment to transmit the pictures t your device. The point is that there are actual dealers who are spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards. In truth there is no difference in your chances of winning between RNG casino or live casino but if you feel happier at thel ive casino it is there for you.