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The range of gambling games available online continues to grow

By mr-gambling on 2019-02-19 09:58:42

Advances in computer technology and particularly the internet have dramatically changed almost every aspect of our daily lives, including of course how we use our leisure time. The fact that you are reading this article tends to indicate that you are interested in gambling, which is certainly a leisure activity which has seen huge changes over the last twenty years as a result of the increasingly widespread availability of the internet. Most sports gambling for example used to be either at a race track or through our local high street betting shop, but ever since the major bookmakers first set up their online sports gambling sites more and more of us have started to do our sports gambling online. The effect of the internet on what we now call casino gambling has been even more dramatic. The introduction of gambling games onto the online sports gambling sites created a completely new gambling sector which appealed to a whole new audience. It’s true of course that some people in Ireland had been fortunate enough to be able to play a few of the traditional casino gambling games such as roulette and blackjack before the introduction of online casino gambling, and it is also true that our bingo clubs were still relatively well supported in spite of the reduction in membership we saw when the smoking ban was first introduced, but the number of people now playing gambling games online far exceeds anything we have seen before. Even though the online sports gambling sites clearly offer their customers far more gambling options than were ever available in most of our betting shops, the overall number of people enjoying gambling on sports and sporting events has not necessarily increased that much, whereas the number of people now playing gambling games is far higher than ever before. Again the main reason for this is the huge range of different gambling games offered by most online casino gambling sites, ranging from almost all the traditional casino games through to a large selection of numbers games based on bingo, and of course an ever increasing selection of slots games. There is now such a wide range of different gambling games available at all the online casino gambling sites that there is almost certainly something which appeals to everyone, and that is why there are now so many more people playing gambling games online who had never thought of visiting a casino or even a bingo club.

Before online gambling became available, when you talked about gambling games most people would assume that you were referring to the traditional casino gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and possibly poker, but they were unlikely to have considered some of the other traditional casino gambling games played in other parts of the world. There are now several of those traditional casino gambling games available online and they are proving very popular indeed. The game of baccarat for example is always available in the big casinos on mainland Europe, but most of us have never had the chance to play baccarat and we may even think it is too complicated and only played by the high rollers of the gambling world. Now that we can play baccarat online it is obvious that the myths surrounding the game of baccarat are absolute rubbish and it is actually a very easy game to play because you don’t actually need to know the rules of the game particularly when you play it online. There is no more skill required to play baccarat than any of the hundreds of slots games now featured on every online casino gambling site. Backgammon on the other hand is a traditional gambling game which does require a certain amount of skill and experience to play successfully. There is still an element of luck of course, as there is with almost every gambling game, but although the number of moves each player can make is determined by the throw of two dice it is how effectively they move the checkers around the board that decides the winner. The other very popular gambling game which is recognised as rewarding skill and experience is the game of poker. Of all the traditional gambling games we can now play online poker is the one which has benefitted most in terms of popularity as a result of the introduction of online casino gambling. The growth in popularity of poker over recent years has been truly remarkable, and one of the most significant reasons for that is the widespread availability of all forms of poker online. The game of choice for most serious poker players is the Texas Hold’em format of poker, and that is also the version of poker played at all the major poker tournaments around the world. For those of our readers who have never played Texas Hold’em poker we have detailed the rules on our individual gambling games pages, but the most significant difference between Texas Hold’em poker and most other formats of the game is the use of community cards. Five community cards are dealt one at a time face up into the middle of the table and are available for every player to use in conjunction with their own two face down hole cards to form the best five card poker hand for the showdown. There is also a betting round after the hole cards are dealt and another after each community card has been dealt, which is the main reason why this version of poker has become the favourite among serious poker players. The multiple betting rounds ensure that the winning pots are generally bigger that those of any other version of the game, but that also means that each player’s stake is also bigger if they want to stay in the game for the showdown. Anyone considering playing poker on one of the many specialist online poker platforms would be well advised to learn the game by playing at an ordinary online casino gambling site for fixed odds against the house before risking their money against what may be more experienced players.