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Ladies possibly prefer online casino gambling to sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2017-09-24 12:04:16

Many Irish people consider online gambling preferable to visiting the bookmakers shop despite the fact that those shops have improved their image in recent years. This is especially true for female gamblers for whom the shop is often considered, rightly or wrongly, a male dominated area. The other factor in this seems to be that sports gambling, which is the most popular activity in bookmaker’s shops, is not something which many ladies do. Ladies seem to prefer casino gambling in one form or another and therefore gambling online has been a great innovation for them. There are many casino games which appeal to ladies and some of the casino software used at online casinos even go out of their way to make the games appeal more to ladies than to men. A typical example of this can be found at some of the specialised online bingo sites where the colour pink prevails and advertisements feature women only. Bingo and casino slots are probably the two casino games most played by ladies and although most bingo sites have side games, some of which are slots, to fill in the time between bingo games there is much more choice at a regular online casino site. It is of course impossible to categorically say how many ladies play which casino games as that information is quite rightly kept confidential by the online gambling sites.

It is however likely that ladies are more likely to go for casino slots that either have a bit of humour or are pets oriented such as dogs and cats. Such slots are available from most online casinos but particularly likes those online casinos that use NetEnt casino software as they have several casino slots that fit that category. This is partly the reason that the casino gambling top three of All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Free Spins Casino are in that position as they all use NetEnt casino software games amongst their offering. Interestingly the best casino slot featuring cats which is called Diamond Cats comes from another casino software company called Amanet but as that is also available at these online casinos it really makes no difference who has produced it. The fun ones, in the opinion of are Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which are very similar but use different graphics and Gonzo’s Quest™

The two Jack Hammer™ gambling games have a unique feature called Sticky Wins™ which has been trademarked and this can really boost your winnings as well as keeping it interesting. The way it works is that when a winning combination is triggered which is three or more identical symbols working from left to right in one of the 25 winning combinations, those symbols are automatically held. All other symbols are then spun again. This is made possible by the fact that although this is classed as a five reel slot there are in fact no reels so that all symbols can move independently from each other instead of being fixed on one or another of the reels. So for example if you have three symbols in a winning combination then the other 12 symbols which are visible in the screen area are all replaced with new ones. If this results in an improved win, which is extremely likely, then those new ones are also held and again all remaining symbols are replaced. The process will continue any number of times until the win achieved is not improved after which the highest win is paid out. It is also possible to have more than one win at the same time if for example you end up with five of one symbol and three of another on winning lines. In this case b0th wins will be paid .Online gambling on this type of casino slot can be great fun because you never know when an apparently minor win will turn into substantial money. The free sins mode is particularly attractive as all wins are automatically tripled. To enter the free spins mode you will need to have five free spins symbols anywhere on the screen. You might think that getting five free spins symbols is a tough ask which it would be normally but the Sticky Wins™ feature is there to help. Just three free spins symbols anywhere will get held in the same way as other winning symbols so although you might only have three free spins symbols to start with you may end up with far more by the end.

The other fun casino slot at the online casinos listed is Gonzo’s Quest™. Gonzo is an explorer probably looking for gold in Peru where the Aztecs once were and he will keep you company while you are playing this slot. The symbols are Aztec style and are carved onto blocks of stone. The music is also Peruvian being pan pipe style. Here also there are no actual reels and all fifteen symbols which are visible are completely independent from each other but instead of winning symbols being held as is the case in Jack Hammer™ in this casino slot it is the winning symbols which are replaced with all others being held. “Replaced” in this gambling game is a little bit different as the blocks with the winning symbols actually explode. Any blocks which were above the exploding blocks drop down and only the vacant spaces in the top row are replaced with new ones. In Gonzo’s Quest there is a win multiplier for successive wins so if the new arrangement of blocks after the initial win results in another win then this pays double. A third consecutive win pays triple and a fourth successive pays a massive 5 times face value. The wins really rack up when entering the free spins mode (called free falls in this slot) as in this mode a first win pays triple but a fourth successive win pays fifteen times face value. Enjoy watching Gonzo as he scratches his beard and celebrates a sizeable win with you.