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Online casino gambling sites have different bonus incentives

By mr-gambling on 2017-09-08 15:09:46

Online gambling has never been as popular as it is today with the number of participants increasing every year. This is however hardly surprising given the ease with which it is possible to open an account and the convenience of being able place bets from virtually anywhere including mobile phones. It is also not unusual for people involved in gambling online to have several accounts which can be useful for sports gambling to ensure the best odds however for casino gambling the odds are always the same but there are still reasons to have multiple accounts. Advertising also plays a major role in the number of people taking part and as anyone who watches live sport knows there is barely a break in the action which is not accompanied by at least one advert for online gambling. These adverts are mostly for sports gambling rather than online casino gambling and most are also targeted at attracting new customers rather than maintaining a relationship with existing customers. Online casino gambling can be a little but different in this respect which is partly why has chosen to separate sports gambling from casino gambling and make separate recommendations for each. There are plenty of online casinos for Irish casino players to choose from and lists   eleven on the casino tab including the larger and best known online gambling sites in Ireland such as Paddy Power casino and Ladbrokes Casino but there are others and in fact the top three recommendations are all smaller but well run online casinos.

Top of the list is All Irish Casino. This online casino has been around for several years providing great entertainment for those that have discovered it with new players joining every month. This online casino sets out to be primarily for the Irish market although as with any other internet based business it is available worldwide and therefore has attracted players from other countries where online casinos are legal. Where possible the casino avoids complicated jargon which is always a plus point compared to some online casinos that have terms and conditions that would baffle any normal human being. The casino is licensed and operated under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority which is recognised as being one of the leading territories for online gambling licensing and indeed where many online gambling companies are based. Other territories of note include Gibraltar, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and the reason for this is generally low tax but that need not concern Irish casino players. Interestingly enough the UK has fairly recently insisted that online casinos declare their income from UK players and are taxed in the UK on that but Ireland has no such arrangement; not that it affects players anyway. All Irish Casino uses predominately casino software from NetEnt which again is one of the best known names in the industry along with names such as Microgaming and Playtech although as usual there are plenty of other lesser known good ones in the market such as Amanet. It is in the area of casino sots that using multiple casino software gives an advantage as that extends the range of games available. NetEnt, for example, as used at several casino gambling sites has an excellent range of casino slots including some of the favourites of and they include some pretty impressive jackpot slots but for some strange reason the biggest jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah™ where it is possible to win several million Euro are presented by Quickfire which is actually Microgaming. For this reason All Irish Casino also has included those in the line up so there is no need to go anywhere else. All Irish Casino does have a promotion of a bonus for new players  on their first deposit as does virtually every other online casino but for existing players there is often a mid week bonus as well. This is always flagged up by e-mail to registered players so that you don’t miss out.

There are a couple of others in the top three which are there not only for being excellent online casinos but for recognising that existing players that should be rewarded as well as new players. No Bonus Casino for example makes no differential between new and existing players and offers everybody the same opportunity. The name of this casino gambling site suggests that there is no bonus for anyone which is possibly strictly true depending on the interpretation of what is a bonus. There is however quite an attractive promotion which is cash back if you lose which seems to to be quite a bonus. This promotion has very simple rules and the gist of it is that if you make a deposit into your online casino account on any given day and manage to lose it all on the same day playing any of the casino games you will receive 10% back the very next day. The exceptional thing about this offer is that not only is it available to every player on every deposit but that the cash back is paid into your playing account rather than any form of bonus account. Regular online casino players will appreciate the significance of this which is that money in your playing account is yours do to with as you wish including taking it out whereas money in a bonus account will be subject to certain conditions before it is available to you as cash. This offer is a pretty good alternative to the joining bonus offered at most casino gambling sites.

Number three on the list is Freespins Casinos which uses pretty much the same casino software and is again licensed in Malta but this time instead of cash back offers free spins on a selection of casino slots with every deposit. The exact number of free spins depends on the size of your deposit  and which of the casino slots you elect to play the free spins at but once again the offer is for every player on every deposit.