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Italian goes to court over gambling winnings

By mr-gambling on 2012-06-29 14:10:41

One of the worst fears of those who enjoy online gambling is to win big and not get paid but it appears that this is a possible scenario as it has been reported in the gambling news that an Italian online casino player was gambling on a numbers game and despite starting with only €20 and bets of €0.20 amassed an impressive €700,000 within a few hours. Unfortunately for him the online casino where he was doing his casino gambling is refusing to pay out stating that the gambling software had a fault which meant that he was only being charged for one in six of his bets which in turn meant that his chances of winning were immensely improved. Casino gambling should be fun but according to the gambling news this has now ended up in court as the Italian gambler tries to get his winnings paid. As this is still going through the courts we shall not name the online casino but we can say that if you stick to casino gambling at one of our listed online casinos you will not come across them. The man from Napoli is quoted in the gambling news through an interpreter as saying that once he started winning he was feeling very lucky and therefore continued gambling at the casino game not realising that anything could possibly be wrong but the online casino thinks he should have noticed that his gambling winnings were excessive and that he had not been gambling in line with terms and conditions. At we shall try to keep tabs on what happens during the court hearing but do not let this put you off online casino gambling as we are quite confident that this type of thing would not happen at any of the casino gambling sites that we list here.