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If you like gambling on numbers you’ll enjoy Keno

By mr-gambling on 2014-09-09 12:41:38

Much has been said about the demise of our high street bingo clubs, with blame being laid at the smoking ban and the recession in equal measure. However one thing that the online casino gambling sites have proved is that bingo as a popular gambling game is certainly not dead. All the major online casino gambling operators have a variety of bingo games for their customers to play, plus some interesting new games such as Keno which are based on a similar principle. Like bingo Keno is a numbers gambling game, but gambling on Keno allows the player to select the degree of risk and the winning odds. We have included the rules of Keno gambling on our casino games pages, but here is a brief summary of how the game is played. Players select up to twenty numbers from 1 to 80, which they hope will match as many as possible of the twenty numbers then generated by the RNG. The winnings therefore depend on the number of matching numbers, but they are also affected by the number of selections made by the player. For example, if the Keno player decides to select just ten numbers there is clearly less chance of matching say five than there would be if the player originally selected the full twenty numbers, but those five winning numbers would pay more because of the increased risk. Thankfully when gambling on Keno online it is easier than it sounds to see how the number of selections changes the winning odds because the Keno gambling graphics clearly show how the potential winning odds change as more selections are made. If you enjoy gambling on numbers and like the idea of choosing your own winning odds then we’re sure you will enjoy gambling on Keno. Give it a try.