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Gambling on red dog is not for the faint hearted

By mr-gambling on 2014-12-22 15:48:18

There are so many online gambling opportunities these days that it can sometimes be difficult to decide but as we approach Christmas and most people will at least have a few days off it could be time to give something else a try instead of your regular sports gambling or slots gambling at your online casino. A very simple and fast online casino gambling game is Red Dog which uses a single deck of cards and the idea is that every player is dealt two cards and then they can place a bet that a third card will fall between the first two in terms of ranking. The number of cards that fall between the first two is known as the spread and smaller spreads will pay higher odds than the normal even money. The best cards when gambling on red dog is ace/two which have a spread of 11 (three through king) but even then a win is not guaranteed as if the third card is an ace or a two you will lose. If when red dog gambling your two cards are sequential and therefore have a spread of zero the cards are simply redealt but if on the other hand you are dealt a pair then a third card is automatically dealt and if it makes three of a kind then you win at odds of 11:1 but if not there is nothing lost as the cards are dealt again with no further betting. If you are looking for a gambling game to play with friends over Christmas then Red Dog gambling can be done without an online casino and all you need is a pack of cards. When gambling outside an online casino each player will in turn place money in the centre of the table to form a kitty and agree that after two or three rounds of play the kitty is withdrawn and the next player places a kitty. Every round each player is dealt two cards and may bet any amount up to the amount in the kitty at the time. If they win they withdraw the money they bet and if they lose the put in the amount. Gambling on Red Dog in this way outside the online casino is not for the faint hearted but it can be great fun.