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Gambling on Red Dog is fast and easy

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-07 15:08:18

If you are one of those people that like fast gambling games where the rules are simple and the result is obvious then Red Dog could be the online casino game for you. Rarely found in a land based casino Red Dog is widely available in online casinos and you can generally play for a wide variety of stakes making it a gambling game for all pockets and it is simplicity itself to play. All that is needed for Red Dog gambling is a deck of cards although online casino Red Dog is generally played with multiple decks which are regularly shuffled; play proceeds after your ante has been placed with two cards being dealt face up; your one and only gambling decision is whether the next card dealt will have a value in between the first two cards and obviously this decision will depend upon what the first two cards are. If you decide to gamble you must place another bet equivalent to the ante after which the third card is dealt and you win or lose, there is no tie in Red Dog. Should you decide that your first two cards are too close to each other to warrant further gambling you simply fold and lose your ante. Clearly  a good Red Dog hand has a high card and a low card and the difference between the cards is known as the spread and the larger the spread the better your chances of winning but to encourage you to play more hands with a lower spread the online casino  will offer increased gambling odds. Each online casino can offer different odds so check before you start playing but where larger spreads only pay out at one to one smaller spreads can pay out much more. Red Dog is an out and out gambling game and is played at your own pace which can be as fast as you like.