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By mr-gambling on 2012-01-03 12:49:53

For many years casino gambling was usually limited to gambling on roulette, blackjack or poker, with a few 3-reel slot machines available where space permitted. Online casinos have now changed casino gambling to such an extent that many online casino sites have well over a hundred different casino games for their gambling customers to choose from. The well known casino favourites are of course still available, often with live dealers to enhance the gambling experience, but it is with the huge variety of slots that the online casinos been able to expand our casino gambling games choices. The number of slots games now available at the major online casino sites is quite staggering, and still increasing rapidly. Most online casino sites categorise their slots under the ‘Other Games’ or ‘Gambling Games’ banner, where we can find not only the updated versions of the slot machines we all know, with sometimes up to 5-reels and multiple winning lines, but there are also video slots simulating horse racing or dog racing for sports gambling fans and even a version of Battleships with gamblers attempting to sink an enemy fleet from a rolling deck. Gambling on slots games is the fastest growing form of gambling online, and for many of today’s online casino gamblers is the only type of casino game they ever play. These slots games generally require no particular skill, and are easily learnt and very quick to play. They can also normally be played for very low stakes which makes this type of online casino gambling a leisure activity within the reach of most people even those with small budgets. We should also mention the variety of dice games which you can also often find under the ‘Other Games’ banner on many online casino sites, some of which are as simple as predicting the total face value of two dice, again for low stakes, whereas others have multiple gambling options similar to roulette. Whatever your gambling preference you will nearly always find a fun casino game to suit you in the ‘Other Games’ category, so give it a try.