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Gambling on Brag is a change from playing against the house

By mr-gambling on 2013-02-02 12:27:45

There are those in the gambling world that think  poker is the only online gambling game that can be played against other players rather than against the house but in truth there are several and one of those is 3 card brag. One of the best ranges of such casino games is at Paddy Power casino where under the section “player” you can find them and that is where you will find brag. Gambling on brag is relatively easy as there are only three cards, two betting rounds and one draw (exchange of cards) and as long as you are playing the fixed limit version of the gambling game you know in advance what the maximum exposure can be in any hand. Three card brag gambling has a couple of interesting twists the first of which is the ability to play “blind” which means that you have not seen your cards. Blind players in brag only put into the pot half the amount of those that have seen their cards which is really only useful up to the draw as nobody in their right mind is likely to exchange cards when they do not know what they are. In brag gambling there is a small blind and a big blind with the size of the big blind being half the table stake and in the first round of betting which takes place before the draw there can only be a maximum of three raises each of which must be the level of the big blind. Each player then decides whether to fold, call or raise (within the maximum three) until all players remaining in the pot have entered the same amount of money. Blind players of brag will have entered less. You may then exchange as many cards as you like and the second round of betting takes place in the same way as the first. Gambling on brag is a little different but is great fun and makes a nice change from playing against the house.