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Gambling on blackjack gives you a good chance of winning

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-11 09:15:21

If part of your gambling activity is casino gambling you will no doubt be aware of blackjack gambling which is one of the most popular card games played in the casinos and some would say it is the gambling card game which gives the best chance of winning as long as play your cards right. There must be a certain element of truth to that as the game is played against the dealer so if you have a better hand than the dealer you will win and even in the event of a tie you get your stake back. When gambling on blackjack the only advantage that the dealer has is that you play first and if you exceed 21 or go bust as it is called you will lose regardless of what subsequently happens to the dealer so this is s situation which you should try to avoid where you can. Books on blackjack gambling have been written about strategies but for the most part there is not much thinking to be done; for example in any hand where you have 17 or more you should stand as we know that the dealer will always draw cards until they have 17 or more so by standing you have as good a chance as the dealer of winning and it is down to pure luck. In a similar way if your cards add up to 11 or less you will always draw a card as it will improve your hand without any risk of going bust so blackjack gambling only requires an element of strategy when you are dealt or arrive at a total of 12 through 16 and then it becomes a question of what card the dealer is showing and the chance of you getting the right card if you decide to draw one. In simple terms, if you decide to draw a card when you have 15 your chances of going bust are over 50% which increases to over 60% when drawing on 16. Blackjack gambling is great fun but work out your chances and trust to luck.