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Gambling on Backgammon is both luck and skill

By mr-gambling on 2012-01-27 09:12:50

The gambling game of Backgammon is one of the oldest in the world although for whatever reason it is not that popular outside the Middle East except for those that have played it and become “addicted” to it. Backgammon gambling is a combination of luck, there are dice involved so luck will always play a part, and skill; the result is that as a beginner you can win a single game against any other backgammon player but over the long run the more experienced and skilful player will prevail. Backgammon is played head to head so when you are searching online you will need to find an opponent who is willing to play for the same stakes which can be quite high but as a beginner you should keep your stakes low. Gambling on Backgammon is in fact quite simple and the rules are also very straight forward but we do recommend that you read about the gambling game before you start to pay either at our backgammon page here at or at the online casino of your choice. Because the gambling game of Backgammon requires software for playing against other players in a similar way to Poker not all online casinos offer the game; we have for example been unable to find backgammon at Paddy Power casino but it is available at Ladbrokes casino under the games section. Gambling on Backgammon is very popular at Party Casino where there is a special section called PartyGammon devoted solely to Backgammon players; Party are clearly using their vast experience of Party Poker to offer many tables to suit all budgets so it is a great place to begin. Backgammon gambling can be great fun and it certainly uses your brain power to work out your best move but it is a dice game so you will need an element of luck to win but then it is player against player and somebody has to win.