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Gambling on Backgammon is actually quite common

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-18 08:45:57

Holidaymakers often travel to faraway places these days and it is not unusual to hear about strange gambling games which have been seen being played in the streets and one such game is Backgammon which can be found in several Middle Eastern countries but gambling on backgammon is not as rare as some believe as the game has been available on some online casinos for a few years. Online casino backgammon is a dice gambling game which is played against other players rather than against the online casino itself which is one reason why it is so popular and it is always played head to head. Not all online casinos have the necessary software to enable head to head backgammon gambling but Party casino in particular have taken backgammon on board and have a special section called PartyGammon where you can play for a variety of stakes. It goes without saying that the higher your stakes the more likely it is to come up against a better player so if you are new to gambling on backgammon it could be advisable to keep your stakes low. Although backgammon is a dice game which inevitably carries an element of luck there is a substantial element of skill and strategy which will show through in the end. The game of backgammon is in principle a simple casino gambling game which involves moving pieces (like chequers) according to the throw of two dice and the rules are outlined in the backgammon page at You will notice that it is possible to lose more than your original stake when gambling on backgammon which is another reason to keep your initial stakes on the low side. Other online gambling providers to offer backgammon include Irish gambling operator Paddy Power and Ladbrokes casino and both of these offer tournaments which can be a cheaper way of playing and learning the game.