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Gambling with dice is making a comeback online

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-14 12:34:49

Throughout our history dice have played a significant part in many of the gambling games we have enjoyed. Even some casino gambling games which are usually considered to require a degree of skill, such as backgammon use dice to determine the movement of the chequers. Unfortunately over the years our real casinos in Ireland tended to ignore dice as a gambling option and to be able to play a dice gambling game we had to travel to America where gambling with dice is a major casino gambling pastime. We refer of course to the game of Craps, probably the most popular dice gambling game in the world. Nowadays we are delighted to see the return of dice gambling at our online casino gambling sites, most of which now feature both craps and backgammon among their range of gambling games, plus many other dice gambling options. In fact gambling with dice has again become a major element of our casino gambling options, with games ranging from the very simple ‘Roll‘em’ at Ladbrokes and Paddy Power to the far more complicated ‘Miami Dice’ also at Paddy Power. Roll’em is a fast easy alternative to the slots, and simply requires the player to predict the total value of two dice, whereas Miami Dice provides a multitude of gambling options from the roll of five dice and is more akin to roulette than anything else. In between these two extremes are dice gambling games such as Ladbrokes ‘Snakes Eyes’ which provides the option to gamble on the total plus doubles, Hi/Lo and Odd/Even with two dice. All of these dice gambling games are great fun and some are excellent alternatives to the more traditional casino gambling games. They are also invariably available to play online for very small stakes making gambling with dice a viable option for almost everybody who enjoys gambling games.