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By mr-gambling on 2014-09-19 15:56:50

With online gambling being what it is which is big business it is bound to attract those who see any internet business as a way of making a quick buck and by the time that you have found out they are long gone and there is very little protection from the authorities which is why has been established to hopefully prevent the Irish gambling public from falling into the trap in the first place. With online sports gambling you find out early enough if you have a dodgy site as your winnings suddenly fail to appear but with online casino gambling it can be more difficult and take longer before you realise that the odds are stacked against you and that the online casino is not playing fair casino games. has looked at the market over a number of years now and makes recommendations about where you should be looking for your online gambling but that recommendation is not only based on whether the online gambling site is honest and fair but also on what is on offer. To start with online gambling sites need to be licensed and operate under a recognised jurisdiction and there are a number of territories which are accepted as being good which include places such as Gibraltar and Malta but there are also others. knows these territories and therefore only recommends online gambling sites that fulfil this requirement. From there on it is all about personal preference of gambling opportunities in terms of sports gambling available or casino games available but friendliness and site layout are also factors. Interestingly enough there are few online gambling providers that according to come top in every category of online gambling and you will notice therefore that the top three in the online casino gambling category includes a couple that offer no sports gambling at all but what they do they do well.