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Financial gambling is not only for experts

By mr-gambling on 2013-01-15 12:10:01

Whoever said that Financial gambling was only for the high flyers in London or for the very wealthy got it completely wrong as today anyone can have a go at online casinos such as Ladbrokes casino or Party casino with very small amounts of money at stake and whilst some believe that financial gambling needs a vast knowledge of the financial markets nothing could be further from the truth. does believe of course that experts in the field will have a better feel for what a particular share or index might do over a month or longer but financial gambling can be done over very short time periods such as 2 minutes and nobody can predict what happen within such a short time frame. As an example, online financial gambling at Ladbrokes can be done on a variety of markets including stock exchanges, currencies, commodities and certain individual shares with time frames ranging from 2 minutes to one day. Financial gambling in this way is a fixed odds market in which you back the index of your choice to move up or down from the start point and unlike spread betting where the greater the movement the greater your profit or loss you simply place your chosen stake at the odds displayed and you win or lose at the end of the time frame. In fact financial gambling in this way is a bit like watching a two horse race and as the actual movements are displayed on the screen it can even be quite exciting especially over a 2 or 5 minute period. The fixed odds offered are moving all the time and the betting closes on the 2 minute market 15 seconds before the end of the time period and 30 seconds before the end of the 5 minute market. Take a look at financial gambling and try it out with some play money for free, we think you might like it.