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Casino software drives your casino gambling experience

By mr-gambling on 2018-01-19 09:21:17

Whenever we think about online gambling most people will think about the casino game that they are playing or the sport on which they are betting but very rarely is any thought given to the software which is being used to enable gambling online to happen and this is particularly true of online casino software. In the early days of online casinos it was not unusual for the few companies that were around to write their own casino software which was of course an expensive and time consuming exercise but it did make it easy to differentiate between online casinos. In an effort to gain more online gambling customers the companies made casino games such as casino slots more and more complicated which of course meant that the software was also more complicated until it reached the point where the investment required could no longer be justified for a single online gambling company. The result of all this was that online casino companies wanted to get together and use the same casino software and so the casino software company came into existence. Casino software companies these days are completely independent from the actual online gambling companies and merely market their products to whoever wants them; the products in this case being the casino games. A natural result of this was that it became easier for new entrants into the online gambling market as they could simply buy, lease or rent the software which was needed. This did not necessarily make it cheaper to enter the market but it was certainly faster.

Today there are far more online gambling companies offering their services than there are software companies and this is particularly true in the online casino market and this is easy to see if you look carefully at a number of online casinos. You will find that they often have exactly the same casino games as each other. Of course all online casinos have roulette and blackjack and the like but when it comes to casino slots you will find the same slot on a number of online casino sites which is purely down to them using the same casino software. Some online casinos prefer to use a single casino software supplier while others such as All Irish Casino deliberately use two or more to give the player a broader choice of online gambling options. Just taking All Irish Casino as an example, the dominant casino software used is provided by NetEnt which is one of the largest casino software suppliers and while they have a very complete range of casino slots including jackpot slots, the largest slots jackpots can often, but not always, be found on slots provided by Microgaming which is another of the large suppliers. All Irish Casino therefore tops up the NetEnt offering with the casino jackpot slots from Microgaming. Some online casinos go even further by having anything up to 6 or 7 different casino software suppliers on their site.

In the discussion about online casino jackpots it is worth mentioning that when gambling online on casino slots, the jackpot money itself is taken care of by the casino software company rather than any of the individual casinos that use the software. Each spin on a jackpot slot contributes a small amount to the jackpot regardless of which online casino is being used and this is accumulated by the software company until the jackpot eventually drops whereupon it is paid out via the online casino that the winner was playing at. This also goes some way to explaining why online casinos seem so happy when one of their players hits a really large jackpot when you might expect they would be upset at losing so much cash. The truth is that the online gambling company loses nothing but gains all the advantages of being able to publicise that one of their players has hit a huge jackpot. This type of casino slots progressive jackpots could only be run by the casino software company because it is accumulated across a number of different online casinos.

Every casino software has its own characteristic and particularly likes NetEnt as the casino games provided seem to add a bit more variety than others and this is particularly true when looking at casino slots such as Gonzo’s Quest™ or Jack Hammer™. NetEnt casino software is used at several of the top online casinos as recommended at the site and the unique feature of both of these casino slots is that the fifteen symbols which are visible on the screen are no longer attached to five reels but are in fact all able to move independently from each other. The casino slots use this feature in different ways and Jack Hammer™ uses it in a feature called Sticky Wins™. Any win automatically triggers the Sticky Wins™ feature ad what happens is that the symbols which are part of the winning line are held and all others are spun again. If this was a regular five reel slot the winning symbols would be on at least three separate reels which means there are only two reels left to be spun again but in Sticky Wins™ if three symbols are held there are still 12 symbols which are spun again which clearly gives a much better chance of increasing the original win. This does not happen just once but continues as long as the win is being improved. The feature only stops once the win is no longer improved upon and the largest win is then paid out. This is only possible with this online gambling software from NetEnt. The Sticky Wins™ also applies to the free spins symbols so although you need five free spins symbols to enter the free spins game, where incidentally all wins are tripled, a minimum of three will be held giving further opportunities to reach the required five. The other casino slot mentioned, Gonzo’s Quest™, uses the feature in a different way by using a win multiplier but the principle of independent symbols remains.