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Live casino gambling avoids the random number generator

By mr-gambling on 2018-01-11 15:19:45

The convenience of online gambling is what makes it so popular and whilst sports gambling has been possible at the local bookmaker for a long time, casino gambling has only been possible in a few places unless Irish casino players went abroad in which case it was and still is available everywhere. The coming of gambling online has however brought online casinos into every household and it is much loved. Online casinos actually have more choice of casino games than the average land based casino although to be fair this is mostly in the area of casino slots. Land based casinos in the USA can have hundreds of casino slots but there are often multiple versions of the same thing whereas online casinos never double up on a slots so although they also carry hundreds they are all different. The live casino option of an online casino, of course, has no casino slots at all as the gambling games there are restricted to those which require a dealer. Live casino is the newest form of online casino gambling which was brought into being to try to more closely imitate a land based casino but in truth it only partly succeeds in doing that. There are certainly far more Irish casino players that prefer to do their gambling at the regular online casino than at the live casino option.

Live casino does not enable online casino players to see other people place their bets which for many is part of the attraction of playing at a casino which means you cannot take part in the joy of them winning or the sorrow of them losing. There are those who spend hours at a land based casino only gambling occasionally but enjoying the atmosphere. Live casino however only enables you to see your bets. The biggest advantage for some is that the live casino does away with the random number generator which is used in all online casinos. Good online casinos such as those listed at have their random number generators checked on a regular basis which is just as essential to protect the online casino as the players. The trouble with random number generators as used in online gambling is that they are the first thing to be blamed when things are not going the way of the player. It is much easier to believe that the online casino has somehow rigged the RNG in its favour than it is to blame a dealer. guesses that it must be possible to rig an RNG but there really is no need as the casino has a margin on every casino game anyway. Live casino gambling does away with the RNG and makes some players feel more comfortable even though the chances of winning at the live casino are no better or no worse than at the regular online casino.

There are those that enjoy a bit of banter with the dealer when gambling especially when the dealer responds and live casino does allow that to happen to a certain extent but a lot is going to depend on the language capability of the dealer. Most of the online casinos have their live casino gambling based in Eastern European countries which is perfectly possible as all that is needed is a room which has been equipped with the necessary gambling paraphernalia such as card tables and roulette wheels and of course cameras to transmit the pictures to your computer or other device. For some reason the Eastern European countries seem to attract this activity. There are online casinos such as All Irish Casino which bucks this trend and has the live casino gambling in Malta. Not only in Malta but in the premises of an actual casino in Malta. This may not improve your chances of winning but it virtually guarantees professional service. Casino gambling at the live casino option does have limitations in terms of the games which can be played and that is usually Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, sometimes a version of Texas Hold’em played against the dealer and sometimes either Casino Hold’em or Caribbean Stud. Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco in some casinos such as All Irish Casino but it is basically the same game.

Minimum stakes when gambling at the live casino can sometimes be a little higher than the regular online casino and it could be that which puts people off but for high rollers the maximum stakes are often far higher.

We have seen a lot in the news headlines recently about online gambling getting a bad name for encouraging underage gambling but it is not  online casino gambling or sports gambling which is being criticised as in fact they have measures in place to try to catch underage persons trying to open an account. Unfortunately however it is the interactive games where there is no requirement for age checks that are giving online gambling a bad reputation. These games contain certain things which can be used to improve the individual performance such as improved weapons or extra lives and these can be purchased by using some form of game currency which has been accumulated or by simply buying them on an app. Unfortunately the games also provide the ability to gamble some currency so that more is available to purchase these enhancements. This is where the issue lies and it is said that this is encouraging gambling in children. Games with in App purchases have been around for some time and that is bad enough when encouraging youngsters to buy with money that they do not have. All they need is their parents password and they can spend money but most parents have woken up that idea and now control their passwords better but gambling within a game is something totally new and very difficult to control if there is no age limit placed on the games. The answer is of curse to remove the possibility of gambling from the games but whether that will happen remains to be seen.