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Casino gambling is now available to almost everyone

By mr-gambling on 2013-02-28 09:15:22

For many years gambling in Ireland was largely confined to sports gambling at our local betting shop. This was mainly due to the lack of alternatives, particularly when it came to casino gambling. The few casinos there were tended to be centred in the high population areas of our bigger towns and cities, and were therefore inaccessible for a good proportion of the population. Some were able to visit Bingo halls and of course the Lottery also provided a gambling opportunity for most of us, but that was just about it. Even the casinos were generally small and were only able to their customers a limited number of gambling games such as roulette and blackjack, plus a few slot machines. Then along came the internet and personal computers, followed by the online casinos and the Irish gambling scene changed out of all recognition. Anyone with access to a computer suddenly had the opportunity to play a vast number of casino gambling games, and judging by the rapid expansion of the online casinos large swathes of the population grasped that opportunity. Online casino gambling took off and the online casinos responded by introducing more and more games. Most of the new online gambling games are of course variations of the slots, and new online gamblers seem to love them, but there are a lot of other games available that are well worth a try. For poker gambling fans the online casinos offer several different poker formats for experienced players and beginners. There are many other card games if poker is not your thing, plus dice games, online bingo and even lotteries and scratch cards. Casino gambling online even allows us to play roulette and blackjack with real dealers in what is called the Live casino format, and to encourage us to try new games most online casinos now have a Free Play option so that we can learn the game without risking our money. No wonder so many people now gamble on casino games online.