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Casino gambling is not weather dependent

By mr-gambling on 2018-12-29 08:54:14

Nearly the end of the year and online gambling fans will be looking forward to closing out the year in profit but the weather at this time of the year may prevent some of the sports events taking place which might limit the sports gambling activity but online casinos always provide casino gambling opportunities no matter what the weather. If you are already registered with an online casino you will know where to go but if you are new to casino gambling you may be able to use a tip or two. Historically has advocated All Irish Casino as the number one place to be but unfortunately that online casino no longer exists. The reason why is unclear but could it be that too many Irish casino players have been winning? If you already have an account with All Irish Casino,don’t worry as your account will be switched to which is also an excellent online casino. Others to consider are Fun Casino and No Bonus Casino the latter of which is really enjoying popularity as it has an alternative to the standard online casino bonus.

Bonuses are commonplace in both sports gambling and casino gambling although they are different and usually targeted at new players. The sports gambling bonus generally comes in the form of free bets which can be placed on any sporting event but the casino bonus at online casinos is more often than not what is known as a deposit matching bonus. Under this system the online casino matches your very first deposit Euro for Euro so if you make a deposit of €100, the casino will give you another €100. These offers can also extend to your second or third deposits but they will almost certainly be at 50% or even 25%. This all sounds wonderful but as you might expect there is a small snag when it comes to withdrawing any winnings that you have made from the bonus money. The bonus money can be used to play any of the casino games on the site so you are able to play for longer than would be the case without the bonus but the rules of the bonus will state that in order to get your hands on any of the bonus money it must have been staked up to 40 times on certain casino games. To follow the same example of depositing €100 you would need to stake €4000 before you could access any winnings from the account and casino gambling games which are considered low risk such as roulette or blackjack will be excluded. If you are a casino slots player, which many Irish casino players are, that is not an issue as they are always included. This arrangement does give the casino the maximum chance of not paying out on the bonus which does not make it a bad thing but it is better to be aware of these restrictions before you start. The other issue is that these bonuses are more often than not for new players only so once you have taken advantage there is no more to come. No Bnus Casino on the other hand approaches the casino bonus issue quite differently.

It is unusual in any form of gambling online that no bonus is available for new players but this is the case at No Bonus Casino and in fact there are no bonuses for anybody which seems at first to be very uncompetitive but there is an alternative offer and that is cash back if you lose. At No Bonus Casino, if you make a deposit into your account on any day and somehow manage to lose all of that deposit on the same day then 10% is automatically refunded the very next day. Where’s the catch we hear you say? There really isn’t one and in fact there are a couple of extra reasons why you should be taking advantage of this offer. Firstly there are no restrictions on which casino games must be played in the process of losing and secondly there are no restrictions on what you can do with the refunded cash. Unlike the regular casino bonus you do not have to stake the cash back bonus any number of times. You can continue to play with that cash if you so wish but you are also free to remove it from your account straightaway. It should be noted that this is not an offer to attract new players, although it will undoubtedly do so, as it is available to every player on every deposit made into their account regardless of how long you have been registered.

Casino gambling is very popular at this time of year and especially during holiday periods such as this so if you have some spare cash left or more likely that you would like to try to win back some of the cost of the festivities give it a go. There are some very simple casino games such as roulette which require no skill whatsoever and therefore are excellent for those new to online casinos and there are others which require a little bit of judgement to play correctly such as Blackjack. Do not automatically associate gambling at an online casino with the poker games which you might see on TV where skill is an important part of playing and where an inexperienced player can lose heavily. That sort of game may well be available at the online casino you select but there is a huge choice of games where only luck is involved and you cannot lose more than you intend to play with. These include various card and dice games but the most obvious games are casino slots and the choice of those often runs into the many hundreds. The good thing about casino slots is that you can choose your stake which means you can play with large stakes and chase the jackpots which can be millions of Euro or you can play simple games with very small stakes or anything in between.