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There are more casino sites for online gambling than for sports

By mr-gambling on 2018-12-21 14:25:27

There are more online casinos available to the Irish public than there are online sports gambling sites which might be considered strange but the reason is that the software used for online casinos is written by specialised companies rather than any individual online casino. The casino software therefore becomes available to anyone who is willing to pay for it. Online gambling is big business and it is slowly but surely taking over from the only alternative which is visiting your local betting shop. This is hardly surprising given the advantages which gambling online has such as convenience and the range of gambling opportunities which it presents. Being able to participate in casino gambling, for example, is new for most Irish people as unlike many other countries in Europe there are no land based casinos. This new opportunity is being taken up in increasing numbers by people willing to try their luck as an alternative to lotteries. Sports gambling remains very big but the lure of large wins on casino slots is very attractive and the chances of winning millions of Euro could well be as good as winning millions on any of the lotteries but at least when playing casino slots you are likely to get some smaller wins along the way.

There are quite a few casino software companies and the major ones are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech ad these days Amanet. Some online casinos choose to use just one of those companies but others such as All Irish Casino prefer to use several so that the customer has a much wider choice of gambling games. The biggest variation and choice is in the slots section where it is not unusual to have hundreds of games available with various different themes and characters. At All Irish Casino it is possible to try the casino slots for free to see which of them take your fancy although it will take a long time to try them all. If you are interested n the slots with very large jackpots then simply click on the jackpot tab but if you are looking for a bit of fun then would recommend taking a look at Gonzo’s Quest™ or Birds on a Wire™

The most popular casino gambling games are Blackjack, Roulette and casino slots and although there are plenty of other games available those three take up the majority of casino time. There is no differentiation made here between slots and video slots even though some online casinos list them under different tabs. Video slots tend to be more complicated and feature people and things rather than the traditional fruit and bar symbols but there is no hard and fast rule about what is a slot and what is a video slot. In fact on some online casino sites you can find the same casino slot under both headings which makes it even more confusing. Gambling on Roulette has been a favourite for many years due to the simplicity of playing. Basically you buy your chips, place them on the numbers you fancy and hope for the best. There are those who make life complicated by studying recent numbers in the firm belief that this is somehow going to have an effect on future numbers but in truth that is nonsense; every number has an equal chance of coming up on every spin. Of course over time there will be as many black numbers as red numbers drop but the difficulty is in defining time. Possibly over a few million spins of the wheel the result will close to 50/50 but if you think that during a couple of hours play that will also be the case you are sadly mistaken. If you have favourite numbers then back them but in truth you stand just as much chance by spreading your chips around in a random and arbitrary way and trusting to luck.

Blackjack gambling is little bit different as although luck clearly plays a major role there are things you can do to slightly improve your chances. You will notice that when blackjack gambling the dealer has to follow a set pattern of drawing cards until the hand total is 17 or above and then standing. The fact though is that following this way of playing will result in the hand busting on numerous occasions which can be upwards of 40% of the time ignoring the hands where no card is drawn. If you are dealt 17 and the dealer is dealt 18 there is nothing much to be done about it and of course vice versa so the only influence you can have is when cards are drawn. The point here is that by following the “draw to 17” strategy you are going to be out of the game on many occasions but this also applies to the dealer. The problem is that if you are out of the game it doesn’t matter what happens to the dealer hand as you have already lost. A point to remember is that here is no need for the player to draw cards to 17, the player can stand on any number they like and if the dealer busts they will win. If, therefore, you can still be in the game when the dealer busts you have a better chance of winning. The problem arises, of course, in knowing when the dealer will bust and there are no hard and fast rules for that but if the dealer is showing a 5 or a 6 there is a good chance so you might want to adjust your play accordingly.

It is these little things that can make a difference when online gambling but always remember that every casino game has a house edge so do not play to make money. Online gambling in any form is supposed to be entertainment so always play within your means. There are online casinos such as Fun Casino which will help by insisting that you create your own limits during the registration process and if you don’t then they will do it for you.