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Caribbean stud is a great gambling game for poker beginners

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-31 13:52:49

If you are in a casino in a place such as Las Vegas you can find tables which are generally highly decorated with pictures of palm trees advertising Caribbean Stud Poker or simply Caribbean Stud and more often than not there will be few if any gamblers at the tables. In online casino gambling you can also find Caribbean stud but many people do not know how to play and therefore shy away from playing although in actual fact gambling on Caribbean stud is actually very easy and what is more the game gives the player a very good chance of winning when compared to some other gambling games. Caribbean stud is supposed to have originated in Aruba and hence the name; it is a simple game of 5 card stud poker played against the dealer and instead of being a straight win or lose situation, the better your hand the greater the odds which are paid right up to a possible jackpot for a royal flush. Jackpots vary enormously so check one or two of the online casinos at which you are gambling to make sure you have the best around. The game of Caribbean stud is simple enough in that you have to beat the dealer but the dealer must have what is known as a qualifying hand of an Ace, King or better or your stake will be returned; poker hands are ranked as is normal and if you are not familiar with them you can find them on our poker pages here at Few gambling games of poker do not involve some form of bluffing or the risk of coming up against better players but Caribbean stud is one of them and is therefore an ideal game for a beginner and as we said gambling on Caribbean stud does provide a fair chance of winning.