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Have you tried any other casino games

By mr-gambling on 2011-07-27 14:03:29

Most gamblers playing in an online casino will have their favourite casino game, whether it be roulette, blackjack or a variant of poker, but for some these games are just too slow and they much prefer the instant results available with the ever increasing range of slots in various forms. All the major online casinos now have a page dedicated to what they call ‘Other Games’, where the online casino gambler can find a whole range of slots often with enticing names like Monopoly, Cleopatra or even one of the popular TV programmes. There are also a variety of dice games which can take a little longer because the gambler has a range of bets available, and of course the video slots which attempt to recreate the excitement of the race track with a choice of dogs or horses. In many respects, these dice games and the virtual racing games are similar to roulette in that the online gambler has a choice of bets which pay different odds, and may well provide the roulette gambler with a change of scene. Many gamblers on horse or dog racing may also quite enjoy the virtual racing games as a bit of fun in the evenings. For something slightly different, Ladbrokes have a game called ‘Battle Cash’, clearly based on the concept of the guessing game Battleships which many of us played as kids, but with interesting graphics simulating firing at enemy ships from a warship rolling rather excessively in heavy seas. Whatever your preferred gambling environment, whether it is sports gambling or the main casino games, the online casinos now offer a choice of other games which may provide an occasional change of scene. Give them a try and best of luck.