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888 Bingo

If you are a fan of 75 or 90 ball bingo then get yourself registered at 888 Bingo where you will find any number of Bingo games as well as a full range of instant casino games to keep you amused while you are waiting for games to begin. Gambling on Bingo at 888 bingo is made as simple as it can be which we like, simply click on 75 ball or 90 ball and the next game will be displayed giving you how long before the game starts, the cost per card and the pattern to be achieved and if you want to play simply click play. 24 cards will automatically be randomly selected but you can either deselect any or all of these cards or you can preselect 6, 12 or 18 cards as an alternative and once you are happy simply click the “buy selected cards” and you are ready to go. The screen will also display the number of players in the game and countdown to game start. This is just about as simple as it gets.

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888 Bingo

Once the bingo game starts you have a couple of simple options to make life easier; firstly you can elect to auto daub which is useful if you are playing multiple cards and secondly you can display the 3 to go cards which will identify all your cards that have 3 or fewer numbers to go. The important thing to remember with gambling on 888 bingo is that if you have a winning card you will win even if you are off playing instant games; this is what a number of gamblers will do in fact, just returning in time for the next game.

One of the most popular areas of online bingo is the chat room and 888 Bingo is no exception giving you a good choice of rooms in which to chat and if you are new to the Bingo gambling world 888 Bingo provides a useful feature which will abbreviate your chat but will also interpret abbreviations from other players. The chat rooms of online Bingo do have their own language so this is a very useful addition; again this is 888 bingo making it as simple as possible. There are many instant games available to you including table games such as roulette and blackjack but also slots and video pokers; normally to play these games you have to revert to the casino section and transfer some funds into that account in order to play but at 888 bingo you can play these games from your bingo account meaning that wagers and winnings are debited and credited to your bingo account.

888 Bingo always has loads of promotions going on and as they change on a regular basis we cannot cover them here but how about a 7 day cruise to Alaska? or an everyday guaranteed jackpot of €100 for €0.10 per card or 3 times a week a €1 million coverall game. 888 Bingo makes it easy but you can win good prizes as well.