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Anyone can play the casino gambling game of roulette

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-31 09:26:01

One of the most popular casino gambling games ever is roulette and the reason is simple; anyone can play with virtually no knowledge of the game and there is no strategy so a beginner stands as much chance of winning as someone who has been playing for years. Gambling on roulette is gambling in it pure form as it is nothing more than a question of pure luck and all you need to know is how to place your bets which in online roulette is simple as the software will not allow you to place bets incorrectly but the best way is to read our roulette page here at first where all is explained. The gambling game of roulette is the same everywhere so once you have learned it you can play anywhere in the world; the only exception to this is the version called American roulette in which instead of there being 36 numbers and a single zero on the roulette wheel there are 36 numbers and two zeros (0 and 00). As the odds paid on winning numbers are the same in all versions you should avoid playing American roulette if possible and stick to the European or French versions. Roulette gambling has a roulette wheel in which a ball is spun and a roulette table onto which you can place your bets. The layout of the roulette table has all 36 numbers arranged in three columns of 12 or if you prefer 12 rows of three with the zero across the top of all three columns. There are 18 numbers which are red and 18 which are black and of course being numbered from 1 to 36, 18 are odd numbers and 18 are even numbers. The idea of roulette gambling is to predict where the ball will fall on the roulette wheel and if you have can do that you win; you can expand your gambling from a single number by betting on several numbers or you can simply place a bet on either red or black in which case you are effectively placing bets on all 18 numbers of that colour or you can choose odd or even with the same effect. Roulette gambling is very simple and a quick game and your chances of winning are one of the best in casino gambling.