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Casino software does matter to the online gambling provider

By mr-gambling on 2011-10-19 13:09:49

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular in Ireland and whilst most online providers write their own sports gambling software the area of casino software has become more and more specialised with the result that most online casinos buy or lease their casino software from one of only a few companies. Which casino software your online gambling provider is using is not generally something that you consider and as long as you are using one of the better online casinos such as those recommended here at it is not that important as long as you are happy with the range of casino games and the graphics that you have. If your online gambling extends to more than one online casino you may notice that some of them are very similar and certainly they might have the same casino games and this is because they are using the casino software. This is not always such a bad thing as the progressive jackpots on slots can run across a number of different online casinos which means the jackpots build up much faster than they otherwise might do. To the online gambling provider however it is very important which casino software they are using as it is this which attracts and keeps the customers alongside the promotions from the casino itself. Very noticeable in recent news is the fact that Paddy power casino has switched the software supplier for its casino from Wagerworks to Microgaming which resulted in a doubling of the online casino slots available at Paddy Power casino. We also understand that the online gambling site of Bwin will also shortly be releasing a new version of their instant casino which we imagine will also be the result of a change in casino software but until we see it we shall not know.