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All online gambling depends on software

By mr-gambling on 2019-01-14 12:32:13

Online gambling on sports is getting more and more complicated as not only the result can be bet on but all kinds of things in addition. For example sports gambling on football can include half time scores, number of goals and even number of yellow and red cards but possibly the greatest innovation for gambling online is the in play market. In this market you can actually place bets while the action is going on and the odds are changing all the time which requires very sophisticated software. When online casinos were first introduced the casino software required was much more complicated than sports gambling software but that is now questionable. Casino software has had to advance to cater for the sophisticated casino slots with their hundreds of winning lines but then sports gambling software has also had to come on to cater for the in play market. There is however one major difference between casino software and sports g ambling software and that is who creates it. Larger sports gambling companies tend to have a whole department responsible for the software and indeed Paddy Power boasts about the fact that they have an army of people creating the fastest software. It is actually quite unusual to find a small online gambling company that has sports gambling and the reason is that they cannot afford to invest in the software required. This also accounts for the amalgamation of online gambling companies resulting in combinations such as Ladbrokes/Coral or Paddy Power Betfair.

Online casino gambling software on the other hand is commercially available. In the very beginning of online casinos many companies tried to write their own software which when casino slots were simple three reel and one winning line affairs was a simple enough task. Gambling games such as roulette and blackjack were simple enough for somebody who knew what they were doing. The online gambling public were however demanding more and more from their online casinos with the result that one or two decided that having a large casinos software writing department was not viable for just one online casino so they gave up the idea of having an online casino altogether and concentrated on writing casino software for anybody who wanted it. Today, no online casinos write their own casino software preferring instead to get it from one of the specialist companies of which there are a number. Possibly the better known ones are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Amanet although it is quite possible that even these names are not familiar to an online casino player if roulette and blackjack are played. It is only when playing casino slots that the software provider in shown when opening up the casino slot in question. There are other casino software companies and more are being created on a regular basis. It is possible for a software company to start with a small number of casino games and gradually expand as long as they can find an online casino to take the games and pay for them. Small in terms of a casino software company does not mean lower quality it simply means fewer games.

For Irish casino players judging whether a casino software company provides fair and honest games would be difficult were it not for portals such as which lists a number of online casinos which are known to only take on casino software which can be trusted so basically the work is done for you as long as you select one of the listed casinos. One result of the casino software being in the hands of a relatively few companies is that several online casinos can and do use the same software. This means that not only do some online casinos look like others but the same games can be found all over the place. This is not necessarily a disadvantage especially when it comes to progressive jackpot slots. The jackpots build up by a small amount from every spin contributing to it. The more spins there are the faster the jackpot will build so the more online casinos that use a particular software the more spins there should be and the faster the jackpot will build. On the other hand it means that online casinos need to find something else that differentiated them from all the others in the market.

Some do this more successfully than others. The most common way to attract new players to casino gambling is to offer bonuses for new players. Sports gambling companies will often offer free bets to new players but online casinos offer free money which can be used to play the casino games. The amount of free money is usually determined by the size of the players first ever deposit into the casino and is more often than not a Euro for Euro match. It is possibly not totally accurate to call this free money as although it can be used to play any of the casino games it can be very difficult to actually get your hands on any winning s which have been accrued. This is because the online casino usually sets terms and conditions that state the bonus money must be staked a number of times which is often around 40 before anything can be withdrawn. Not only that but what are considered low risk games such as roulette or blackjack are likely to be excluded. There is nothing wrong with this type of bonus but do not think that it is easy cash.

An alternative to this can be found at No Bonus Casino where they have a totally different approach and where they consider existing players as important as new players and therefore provide the same incentives to all. The incentive in this case is not a bonus as such but cash back if you lose. If you make a deposit into your casino account today and manage to lose it all on the same day then 10% will appear back in your account the next day. There are also no restrictions on what you can do with the cash so you can even withdraw it if you wish.