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Online gambling at a casino relies on good casino software

By mr-gambling on 2017-03-16 15:52:59

There are occasions when you look at an online casino and recognise some of the casino games and in particular casino slots from a different online casino and wonder whether they are in some way in cahoots. There is a possibility that they are in some way connected but more likely is that they have simply chosen to use the same casino software. When online casino gambling first started the selection of casino games was quite limited which meant that the casino software was fairly simple but as online gambling at casinos has become more and more popular the range of games has expanded and the complexity has increased considerably. This has led to the formation of specialist firms whose sole purpose is to write the software for casino games. They then market their products to the various online gambling companies with the result that the same game can be found at different online casinos. This is certainly not a problem and can in fact be a huge advantage when it comes to the casino slots known as progressive jackpot slots. In these casino gambling games every spin of a slot contributes a very small amount to the jackpots. The amount per spin is a fraction of a Euro cent but it can build up over time to a massive amount and some of the jackpots regularly run into the millions of Euro. If just one online gambling provider was carrying the casino slot in question it might take a very long time for the jackpot to build but with the same game appearing at several online casino sites it builds much faster.

Most online casinos choose to use a single casino software supplier but there are no rules which state that this must be the case and indeed several online casinos use multiple casino software providers. This may not be clear in many cases unless you happen to know which casino software writer provides which casino slots but at you can actually select your casino slot according to the software supplier as there is a series of tabs along the top of the home page which are the software suppliers. By clicking on those a full section of casino slots provided by that supplier will appear. Others such as All Irish Casino will display the casino software provider when you click onto a casino slot. The most common casino software companies that you are likely to come across are MIcrogaming, NetEnt and Playtech although there are plenty of others who present very decent casino games in the line up. One such company is Amatic Industries who have been in the gambling industry for many years but previously focussed their attention on cabinet style slot machines that you might find in clubs or casinos or of course on cruise ships. They have now expanded and have gone into the world of online casino slots software often based on the same games that are also in the cabinet games. One of the favourite online casinos of is in fact and they use Amatic Industries software exclusively. The brand name is Amanet which is presumably a combination of Amatic and Internet. The casino slots on offer do tend to be more simple possibly reflecting on the history of the company but this in no way detracts from some very entertaining casino slots such as Hot 27™. This is a very simple three reel slot with three symbols showing but with 27 winning lines there are plenty of wins to be had. In case you haven’t worked it out, 27 winning lines means that the symbols can appear anywhere on the screen and be part of a winning line but it must be from right to left. If you are fortunate enough it is possible to have 27 winning lines at a time. Another nice feature of this casino slot is that you do not need to back a number of lines as you might at other slots; you simply stake per spin and all 27 lines are in play.

Gambling online at a casino cannot be done without the casino software but the choice of which casino games you want to play is probably more important than the actual software company. Having said that, there are casino software suppliers which in the opinion of do have a better range of more interesting casino slots than others. One of those is NetEnt or Net Entertainment to give them their full name. This casino software supplier has come up with some interesting features one of which is known as Sticky Wins™. This can be found at the casino slot called Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which in turn can be found at All Irish Casino or any other online casino that features NetEnt casino software. The slots are five reel style slots but do not have reels in the normal sense of the word as all fifteen symbols which are visible are independent. The Sticky Wins™ feature is always in play and what happens is that when you have winning combination those symbols involved in that winning combination are held and all other are spun again. There is a good chance that will result in an improvement of the win as more of the same symbols appear. When this happens the process repeats itself again and again until no improvement is made whereupon the highest win or wins are paid out. There are also wilds involved which further increase the chance soft the win improving. The same casino software supplier has also a different take on the independent symbol concept in Gonzo’s Quest™ but in that case the winning symbols are replaced while all others are held. In this case there is a win multiplier involved but again there is no need for the player to do anything as it all happens automatically. Again that casino slot can be found at the excellent online casino called All Irish Casino.