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Several casino gambling software alternatives at a single online casino

By mr-gambling on 2017-02-20 10:23:57

Different online gambling providers have totally different sites when it comes to sports gambling but when it comes to gambling online at online casinos the sites can sometimes look remarkably similar and the reason for this is the casino software. In the days many years ago when most online casino gambling was simple and the casino games were restricted to roulette and blackjack and simple three reel casino slots it was possible for an online gambling provider to write their own simple casino software but as the games have advanced and casino slots in particular have become extremely complicated the writing of casino software has become a very specialised business such that it is now in the hands of a few specialised businesses. The major online casinos therefore now use the casino software from these suppliers which can and does result in some online casinos looking very similar to others. In fact they can be virtually identical except for the name which is all over the site. It is sometimes not easy to even know which casino software is being used as some like to pretend it is their own. Others such as All Irish Casino clearly have the casino software provider mentioned when opening a casino slot or example. Others such as have a tab for each casino software that they use which enables you to do directly to any software you prefer and select from the casino games that are there. Instacasino is kind of unique in having so many different casino software suppliers on one site as most will tend to choose just one or two and you can find it under the casino tab at the top of the page at

This move by is great for the dedicated casino slots player as it provides virtually hundreds of slots all in one place which can be played with one wallet so whether you want the multi million Euro jackpots provided by Microgaming or the simple one winning line three reel slots provided by Play N Go you can find them all in one place. This means that although large online gambling companies such as Paddy Power have Microgaming jackpot slots you don’t need to have an account there to play. Instacasino is of course a dedicated online casino site so there is no sport gambling or any other form of online gambling available. This can of course be an advantage as they can pay more attention to detail and offering a complete package. The large progressive jackpots are the same as anywhere else and the chances of winning are just as good. These progressive jackpots are in fact controlled by the casino software provider rather than any individual online casino and every spin on a slots game contributes a minuscule amount to the jackpot. Any online casino that uses the casino software in question makes the same contribution and therefore has the same chance of winning. This also accounts for why online casinos seem so happy when one of these huge jackpots is won by one of their players when you might think that they might be annoyed at losing so much money. The truth is of course that they do not lose anything as the jackpot is paid from the cumulative funds held at the casino software supplier.

By using different casino software suppliers Instacasino is also able to have some of the casino slots that particularly likes because they are a little bit different. Casino slots such as Jack Hammer™ or Jack Hammer 2™ which are creations from NetEnt are two of those. What makes them different is that instead of only the five reels moving the fifteen symbols which are visible can all move independently. What this does is enable some new features to appear which are not possible at regular five reel slots. Jack Hammer™ and Jack Hammer 2™ for example have what they call Sticky Wins™. In this feature which is permanently engaged any win will result in the winning symbols being held and all others will be spun again. Because the 15 symbols are independent it means that up to 12 symbols can be spun again as opposed to possibly only two reels on a regular slot. If by re spinning the win is improved then the process repeats itself. There is no limit on the number of times this can happen just as long as the win is improved each time and with 25 winning lines possible it can easily be quite a few. When no further win is accomplished the highest wins are paid out. There are also wild symbols and free spins symbols with free spins being particularly attractive as any wins in free spins mode are tripled. To achieve free spins a minimum of five symbols are required but the free spins symbols are also subject to the Sticky Wins™ process so a minimu of three can start the ball rolling.

The same casino software company is also responsible for Gonzo’s Quest™ which again uses the feature of 15 independent symbol s but in a different way. Gonzo’s Quest™ is a Peruvian Aztec themed casino slot so the symbols are on stone blocks. This time instead of the winning symbols being held and all the others being spun again, the winning blocks explode with non winning blocks remaining. The exploded blacks are replaced by new ones which can result in another winning combination. In this casino slots there is also a win multiplier so that a second win pays double and a fourth consecutive paying five times face value. Once again there are wilds and free spins symbols although in this casino slot they are called free falls. Three free falls symbols trigger 10 free spins and the win multiplier in free falls mode starts at 3 times for the first win and runs up to an incredible 15 times face value for four consecutive wins. It is of course possible to have more than four successive wins but the win multiplier will remain at 15 times.

There are quite a few casino software suppliers, some of which you may have heard of and others not but as long as you stick with one of the online casino gambling sites listed at they can be considered trustworthy.