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Online gambling at the live casino option of online casinos avoids the RNG

By mr-gambling on 2017-02-12 16:04:54

There are online casino players who despite playing on a very regular basis still have a problem with the random number generator which produces the winning numbers or cards but strangely enough only when they lose and never when they win. Most people engaged in online gambling like to look for something or someone to blame when things go wrong which could be the jockey or the referee but when it comes to online casino gambling it can only be the random number generator. The truth of course is that the results generated by the RNG are just as random as will be generated by a shuffled deck of cards or a spin of the roulette wheel but for the doubters there is a solution in the live casino which can be found at nearly all online casino these days. The live casino is the only place where a random number generator is not used but is reliant on dealers or croupiers. Live casino in truth is rarely a casino at all but rather a room somewhere which has been equipped with an array of card tables and roulette tables and staffed by real live people. The main difference between this arrangement and an actual casino gambling online is that there is nobody else around so there is no enjoyment to be had by watching other people win or lose. The other obvious piece of equipment is the cameras which transmit live pictures of the happenings to your device.

The casino gambling games which are available at the live casinos are limited to those which require a dealer so if you are a casino slots player at your online casino you are not going to be interested in the live casino option at all. Similarly if you enjoy craps or other dice games where the dice are thrown by players there is no point in visiting the live casino option. The most common casino games to be found at the live casino are blackjack and roulette and it is normal for there to be different tables for different table stakes. As an example at All Irish Casino, which is one of the recommendations by there are three blackjack tables with table minimum and maximum of €1 to €5000, €10 to €2000 and €25 to €5000 which should be a large enough range for most normal people. The three roulette tables at All Irish Casino live casino all have table stakes of €1 to an incredible €75000 but are themed. Interestingly the live casino at All Irish Casino is located at an actual casino in Malta and is therefore one of the very few that are located outside Eastern Europe. Even being at an actual casino does not mean that the tables are in use by visitors to the casino as many would object to being filmed and their pictures being sent all over the world on the internet. The tables are in fact set up in a separate room but one good thing is that professional dealers are readily available and for Irish casino players they generally have good control of the English language which cannot be said for every live casino.

Paddy Power Casino has a larger range of casino games as in addition to roulette and blackjack they include Baccarat and Casino Hold’em. Casino Hold’em is a very similar poker gambling game to Caribbean Stud but one of the major differences is that the dealer needs a pair of fours to qualify which can make a lot of difference. In Caribbean Stud gambling it is more likely to be an Ace/King that qualifies the dealer. Baccarat is a very interesting gambling game and if you have never tried it, it is well worth a look. Baccarat has also got to be the simplest of all gambling games and is certainly one of the easiest to play as there are only three possible bets. It is card game but there are only two hands dealt which are often known as the player and the bank which is where the alternative name of Punto Banco comes from. calls it Punto Banco at their live casino site. You can bet on either hand to win or for the result to be a tie or a push. There some unusual twists to Baccarat the first of which is that the dealer plays both hands and decides whether to stand or take a card. This decision is not however one of free will as there are strict rules that must be followed which leave no element of discretion to the dealer. The other unusual thing is the counting of the value of the cards to determine the winning hand. It will seem strange at the beginning but once you have grasped that all that is happening is that when a total of cards exceeds ten then ten is deducted it will all fall into place. This means that a total of 12 suddenly becomes 2.

Probably the largest range of casino gambling games at the live casino option can be found at Not only does this online casino have a greater range of tables for roulette and blackjack but they also include three card poker. Ladbrokes have Hi-Lo at their live casino which is believed to be the only one that does. Having just said that  Baccarat has got to be one of the easiest gambling games around Hi-Lo has also got to be right up there as it involves nothing more than guessing whether the nest card dealt is higher or lower than the one before. The idea is to get a long sequence which wins more cash as the odds are cumulative. You can also generally place bets on other things as well as higher or lower such as red or black which can multiply your winnings quite quickly with a series of winning bets.

Gambling online at the live casino option of online casinos adds a different dimension but you really have to be a blackjack  or roulette player.