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Live casino is not a new online casino gambling option

By mr-gambling on 2017-01-19 12:01:32

Online gambling started as simple sports gambling but the bookmakers soon realised that there was an opportunity for casino gambling and the online casino was born. Although the sports bookmakers were possibly the first to introduce online casino gambling it did not take long before others realised that an online casino could be a totally separate entity and there was no reason to have any sports gambling at all. This was the point at which many of the online casinos that we see today came into being. With so many online casinos being available to the Irish casino player each one was seeking something unique and so it was that somebody thought of having an online casino that resembled an actual live casino and instead of having random number generators to determine the next card or number on the roulette wheel they would have real dealers. It is not clear which of the many online casinos thought of the idea first but others were quick to follow as the investment required was relatively modest and virtually every online casino these days has a live casino gambling option as an alternative to the regular online casino play. Live casino generally speaking is simply a room somewhere which has been equipped with necessary roulette and card tables and where cameras have been installed that can stream live pictures to your device so that you can see what is going on. There are a couple of online casinos that have chosen to transmit their live casino gambling from the premises of an actual casino and one of those which is popular among Irish casino players is The live casino at this online casino comes from a casino in Malta although even then it is of course situated in a separate room as members of the public are unlikely to take kindly to having their gambling transmitted across the globe.

There are online casino players that do not trust the random number generators which are in use at every online casino despite the fact that good online casinos such as those listed on the site have processes which audit the randomness to ensure correct operation and this is often carried out by independent auditors. Random number generators have been in use for many years and possibly the first public use was ERNIE which stands for Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment and was and still is used to determine winning numbers for the National Savings and Investment scheme of premium bonds in the UK. ERNIE was invented as long ago as 1956 by a member of the Bletchley Park code breaking team. In truth a random number generator is just as random as spinning the roulette wheel but when hitting a losing streak it is easy to understand where the mistrust comes in but the same can be said about the croupier at the live casino. Live casino is an answer for some of those doubting the integrity of online casinos but one of the major drawbacks is the limited number of casino games which are available. Roulette and blackjack gambling are always available and sometimes you can find baccarat or punto banco, as it is sometimes called, or even red dog but one of the most popular of all casino gambling games is never there and that is casino slots.

Casino slots are played by literally millions of people and despite also using a sort of random number generator it never seems t be a problem. In slots gambling it seems to be generally accepted that the large wins do not happen that frequently but they do happen. The other advantage of slots gambling is that you are likely to have winning lines on a regular basis although they may not be that large whereas in roulette for example, depending on the number of individual numbers you are backing, it could be a long time before a winning number is hit but when it does it pays at 35 to 1. Clearly the more numbers you are backing the more likely you are to win frequently. Another advantage of gambling on slots which is attractive to many is that large wins can be achieved with quite small outlays. The minimum stake per line at some casino slots is only pennies and although wins are always expressed as a multiple of the stake per line the wins can still be substantial especially when it comes to the jackpots. You may find that the really massive casino slots jackpots which run into the millions of Euro can only be won if you are playing the maximum stake per line. Remember however that your total stake per spin is a multiple of your stake per line and the number of lines being played so even a small stake per line can quickly mount up if you are playing 20 or so lines on the machine.

Live casino gambling at an online casino is however not as popular as it might have first been anticipated although the reason for that is not at all clear. Minimum stakes do tend to be a little higher than is possible at regular online casino play and this is possibly due to the fact that the dealers do need to be paid but that is unlikely to deter most from using the option. It is still going to be less than the minimum stake that you may find in a land based casino. Possibly some people expected that by playing at the live casino and seeing the cards dealt gave them a better chance of winning and when that did not happen they have reverted back to regular online casino gambling but nobody actually knows. If you have never tried the live casino option at your online casino it is worth a look. It might suit you or it might not but if you think your chances of winning might improve you might also be disappointed as there really is no difference.