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An online casino is a major part of online gambling in Ireland

By mr-gambling on 2017-01-11 15:42:15

Online gambling continues to be very popular and whilst some people still like to pay a visit to their local bookmaker for their sports gambling when it comes to casino gambling there really is not much choice other than finding an online casino. Fortunately in Ireland there is very little legislation about online gambling which means that for Irish casino players there is a huge choice of online casinos but of course a huge choice can also cause confusion but can help by creating a shortlist of online casinos that you may want to consider. One of the most important things to consider is that the online casino you want to play at is an honest and well run casino. If the online casino is correctly licensed in a territory which is recognised as being a centre of excellence there should be no problem but most people will not know which are centres of excellence and which are not so the simple answer is to follow the advice of All online casinos mentioned at are correctly licensed and operated and as there are 10 online casinos in the list under the casino tab there should be enough choice for anybody. The list includes famous names in the Irish gambling world such as Paddy Power Casino and Ladbrokes Casino but also less well known names such as All Irish Casino, No Bonus Casino and Freespins Casino. These last three online casinos may not be famous names but they are nevertheless very good online casinos and are in the top three for a reason.

All Irish Casino is top of the list as it is specifically aimed at the Irish online gambling market and tries to provide what Irish casino players want and that is straightforward language with simple rules and great entertainment. Online casinos have to list the terms and conditions under which they operate but rather than have pages and pages of small print, All Irish Casino makes do with the minimum possible. The entertainment value is provided by the casino software which they use which is predominately NetEnt supported by a few of the major jackpot slots from the likes of Microgaming and Playtech. NetEnt is a major casino software supplier which focuses on providing some slightly out of the ordinary casino games for those that like something a little bit different. A good example of this is the casino slot Jack Hammer™. This is a gangster themed slot but the difference lies in the trademarked Sticky Wins™. This is a feature which really only works when the slot has individual symbols rather than simple reels. This means that although there are still five columns of three symbols as there are on most five reel slots, instead of just the reels moving any of the fifteen symbols can move independently. In the Sticky Win™ feature on the Jack Hammer slot any winning combination of symbols is automatically held and all remaining symbols are replaced. If this results in an improved win the process is repeated again and again until the win is not improved upon whereupon the win or wins are paid out. There are also wilds and free spins and although it takes a minimum of five free spins symbols to trigger free spins they can appear anywhere and of course just three symbols will trigger the sticky wins™ feature which makes it easier to reach the required five.

No Bonus Casino was created for those Irish Casino players who object to only new players receiving a bonus and operates by rewarding all players n the same way whether you have been playing for years or are new to the online casino. As you may have guessed already from the name of this online casino, it does not offer a bonus as such but instead offers cash back if you lose. Gambling online is always fun but if you can get some of your cash back it is even better. The rules are simple enough and state that if you make a deposit today, play any of the casino games and lose that whole deposit in the same day then the casino will refund 10% of your deposit the very next day. What is more, this refunded money is not placed in a bonus account which you need to stake many times before being able to access it and nor does it come in the form of a free bet or similar, it comes as cash in your playing account and you can do what you like with it. You can use it to play more casino games or you can simply withdraw the cash with no questions asked. This has got to better than some difficult to attain casino bonus which is for new players only.

At number three on the list is Freespins Casino which again was thought up to reward all players in the same way. In this online casino you will receive free spins on a selection of casino slots with every deposit you make into your casino account. The exact number of free spins will depend on the size of your deposit and the casino slot which you select to play at but it can run to several hundred free spins. This offer is again available to all players on every casino deposit made. As you will inevitably end your free spins in profit there are staking requirements for those winnings but not for your original deposit. Once those staking requirement s have been met then you can access the money. Even if this eventually results in no winnings it cannot result in a loss and you will have had a lot of enjoyment from playing.

Casino gambling can be great fun if you choose the online casino carefully and by following the advice of that is quite easy to do. There really are online casinos to suit all tastes both large and small so enjoy your online casino play.