Choose an online casino in which to play

An online casino can be a better bet than trying to pick a winning horse

By mr-gambling on 2016-10-23 15:15:09

As picking winners in horse racing becomes more frustrating many people are turning to gambling at an online casino where quite often your chances of winning are better. Casino games such as roulette have very small margins for the casino so it is quite possible to end up ahead of the game and take money from the casino. There are after all only 37 possible outcomes (including a single zero) and if you win on a single number you get paid at odds of 35 to 1. As a word of warning, there is also a version of roulette gambling called American roulette which has a double zero in addition to a single zero which makes 38 possible outcomes but the 35 to 1 payout remains the same. The question of course is which of the many online casinos should you choose to play at and there is no definitive answer to that question as individual choice plays a major role. If you are only ever going to gamble on roulette then there is not a great deal of difference in the online casinos as the game is the same everywhere so all you need is a casino which is safe and secure. has a short list of online casinos which are known to be correctly licensed and operated so by choosing one of those you can at least be sure of a fair gambling experience. It is very unlikely however that your casino gambling will be restricted to roulette once you have seen what online casinos have to offer.

Every casino online has a range of slots and video slots which can provide a choice of more than 100 games and they are very popular amongst Irish casino players as they give the chance to win considerable amounts of money for very small outlays. At some of those casino slots which have jackpots it is possible to win literally millions of Euro although generally you need to be playing that slot for the maximum amount per line to win the maximum jackpot and that can be quite high. Not all people who enjoy slots gambling are chasing those huge amounts and in fact are quite happy with small wins or even no wins at all as long as the game is entertaining; after all gambling is a form of entertainment rather than a money making exercise for most people. If it is fun you are looking for then recommends trying which uses casino software from NetEnt. In this online casino there are a number of humorous casino slots which provide great entertainment such as Gonzo’s Quest™. There is no skill involved in gambling on any slot so the entertainment factor needs to come from the way the game is played and Gonzo’s Quest™ is slightly different from a regular 5 reel slot as there 15 independent symbols on screen. The winning lines are achieved from left to right as is the case in most casino slots but the symbols are on an Aztec theme and are carved in stone blocks. Once a winning line is achieved, all blocks in that win explode and are replaced by new ones. This can result in a further win and if so the process is repeated until no further win is achieved. At the same time there is a win multiplier which moves with every win up to a maximum of 5 times. The greatest entertainment is when a sizeable win is achieved and Gonzo who has been standing watching every spin suddenly breaks into a jig.

There are several other casino slots in the All Irish Casino range that also provide opportunities for win enhancement and one of those is Jack Hammer™. This casino slot does not use a win multiplier but instead has a feature which is called “sticky wins”. When gambling on the Jack Hammer™ slot there are also 15 independent symbols although these are gangster oriented and when a win is achieved, all symbols in that win are held and the others are spun again to see if that win can be improved. The chances of an improved win are quite good and if it is achieved the process repeats for as many times as it takes for no improved win to result and the total wins are then paid out. There are other online casinos that use Netent casino software either exclusively or part of a package of software but the choice does always come down to just the casino games available. If you are new to casino gambling there are all sorts of casino bonuses which are advertised for new players but to avoid disappointment it is advisable to read the detail of these offers. Most of the offers promise to match your first deposit up to a certain amount and sometimes even your second or third deposits as well which is great in terms of how much longer you can play the casino games but to actually get your hands on any cash from these bonus offers can prove more problematic. There is always a play through requirement attached to these offers which means that the bonus money must be wagered a number of times on certain casino games before any withdrawal can be made. This has the effect of giving the casino the chance to recoup the money before t is paid out. There are however alternatives to this system as well such as at No Bonus Casino where instead of an upfront bonus the casino will give you cash back if you are unlucky enough to lose all your deposit on the same day. The good thing about this casino is that the offer is not only for new players but is available to all players on every deposit that they make into the casino regardless of how long you have been registered at the casino. Along similar lines is where each separate casino deposit entitles the player to a number of free spins on a selection of casino slots.