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Online casino gambling can be played with live dealers

By mr-gambling on 2016-10-07 15:06:30

Online gambling can be great fun but some will say that it is no real substitute for gambling at a real casino but did you know that online casinos offer an option which they call live casino? Of course all online casinos are live in as much as what happens is in real time and therefore live but the difference between live casino gambling and regular online casino gambling is that live casino gambling uses croupiers or dealers whereas regular online casino gambling does not. The winning numbers or the next card at a normal online casino is determined by what is known as a random number generator or RNG. This is a machine which is designed to pick numbers out in a totally random fashion and good online casinos such as those listed at actually run checks to make sure that the numbers are indeed random. The live casino option at online casinos however uses real dealers to determine winning numbers or cards and by using cameras or web cams you can actually see what is going on. In theory of course when spinning a roulette wheel the ball will fall in a completely random fashion in the same way as an RNG so there is probably no real difference in the results but some people believe that seeing what is going on helps them win in which gambling at the live casino option might be the answer.

The live casino rooms are not actual casinos as although  gambling fans like to see what is going on very few would like to be on the other end of the camera with their gambling being broadcast all over the internet. The rooms are however set up to represent an actual casino and they do have all the necessary equipment including the dealers. The rooms can be anywhere and are often located in Eastern Europe where one imagines the costs of dealers are less than they might be in Ireland for example. There are a couple of exceptions such as at All Irish Casino where the live casino gambling room is located at an actual casino in Malta. At the casino means that the rooms are in the same building but again not in the actual casino where other players are present. This real live casino is only open when the actual casino is operating but as this is from mid morning to early morning the next day it is not much of a problem for most gamblers.

Casino games which are available at the live casino gambling option are those that require a dealer such as roulette and blackjack. Sometimes you can also find Baccarat which is also known as Punto Banco and possibly also Caribbean Stud poker. This means that casino slots and dice games such as Craps will not be at the live casino option so if those are your games than the regular online casino will be the place to go. Some online casinos will have live casino tables organised according to table stakes so you must be sure to choose a table where the stakes are within your budget while others all have the same table stakes and you can choose your favourite dealer if you have one and they happen to be on duty. Some live casino gambling can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week but other do have operating times.

You may find some strange games at places such as Ladbrokes casino where in the live roulette section for example they offer Aphrodite roulette, Athena roulette, Diamond roulette, Iris roulette and Pearl roulette all with different dealers. Blackjack gambling can be done under the names of Pegasus, Argo, Zirconia, Apollo, Pluto and Mars but what exactly the difference is remains a mystery to after all blackjack is blackjack and roulette is roulette. Ladbrokes live casino gambling incidentally also offers the dice game of Sic Bo and the simple card game of Hi Lo. All Irish Casino has a much more simple arrangement at the live casino tables offering roulette, and blackjack but the stakes can be up to €75000 per hand or per spin  and as little as €1 so there is something to suit everybody. has a great line up in the live casino section with stakes from as little as €0.50 but you can also play Baccarat for example, which calls Punto Banco, for up to €500 per hand. is one of the online casinos which list tables according to the table stakes and is one of the online casinos where the live casino is operated in conjunction with an actual casino in Malta. If you have ever been to Malta you may well have played at the Portomaso Casino which is probably the best known casino on the island and this is where the live casino gambling option is located. is even more simple and they list their live casino tables A,B,C etc although they also have VIP tables which are presumably for high rollers although cannot be sure. Generally live casino tables do have higher minimum table stakes than regular online casino gambling which is presumably to help cover the extra overheads associated with having people staffing the tables.

Gambling at the live casino option of online casinos is not for everybody but it is an additional choice and is particularly useful that those players that have a natural distrust of RNGs. RNGs at good online casinos such as those listed by are truly random so there is no benefit to playing at the live casino option other than the player feeling better about it. When on  a losing streak it is easy to blame the RNG for not being random but strangely enough the complaint is never heard when large wins drop and the cards play into your hands. By al means give the live casino gambling option a try and indeed most online casinos will even give you a bonus when you play for the first time even if you are already a member of the casino.