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3 card brag will appeal to online poker players

By mr-gambling on 2012-10-05 15:23:19

A card gambling game rarely found in casinos but frequently found in online casinos is three card brag and if you enjoy poker you will probably enjoy gambling on brag as it involves an element of bluffing and a unique option of being able to play without having seen your cards which may sound foolish but it adds an interesting twist. Brag is as old as the 16th century and it is gambling against other players not against the online casino in the same way as poker but unlike poker there are normally fixed limits on the size of a bet depending upon the table stakes. As the name suggest it is played with only three cards so you can form a high card, a pair, a flush, a run (straight), a running flush (straight flush) or three of a kind with three threes being the highest brag hand of them all. A major difference between three card brag gambling and poker gambling being that in brag a run beats a flush whereas in poker it is the other way around. There are two betting rounds in brag, one before the draw and one after the draw, the draw being where every brag player has the chance to exchange as many cards as they wish for new ones but be warned that other gamblers will be watching for a clue about your hand from how many cards you exchange. As in poker there are small blinds and big blinds which must be posted to start the pot off and the bet size before the draw is equal to the big blind with a maximum of three raises allowed. After the draw the bets in brag are twice the big blind and again with three raises possible. This maximum number of raises and size of raise means that it is possible to know what your maximum exposure can be in any one brag hand. Gambling on brag is generally faster than poker but with all the excitement and you can find it at Paddy Power casino in the “player” section.