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Try Paddy Power casino as an alternative to sports gambling

By mr-gambling on 2012-10-01 14:26:12

Everybody in Ireland has heard of Paddy Power as an online gambling provider but most will consider it to be online sports gambling when in fact Paddy Power casino is also a great online casino offering a complete range of casino games for the entertainment of Irish casino players but of course it would not be Paddy Power casino if there were not a few twists to the gambling games. Try for instance “Wild Viking” at Paddy Power casino which is a gambling game combining the idea of roulette but is played with cards and you bet on which card will be the fifth card of a poker hand which is dealt. As in Roulette gambling you can also bet on a column or a suit but in “Wild Viking” you can also gamble on the poker hand which will be dealt. As well as the regular casino gambling games Paddy Power casino also has a full range of scratch cards, keno, higher or lower and even rock, scissor, paper. If you enjoy gambling on casino slots then you will not be dieappointed at Paddy Power casino where there is a choice of no less than 101 including 38 jackpot slots with jackpots running into the hundreds of thousands of Euro and the actual jackpot amount is clearly stated. One particular feature of Paddy Power casino is the way in which free gambling is readily available; unlike some online casinos who demand registration and then hide the free gambling option, Paddy Power casino has it right up front as an option enabling you to try the casino games for free before gambling for real money but even if you want to play for real money Paddy Power casino is giving away €5 to all new registrations to the online casino. Even if you already have an account with Paddy Power as long as you have not played at the online casino you are eligible for this promotion.