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3 card brag gambling is an alternative to online poker

By mr-gambling on 2014-09-25 09:56:18

There are many Irish casino players who prefer not to play gambling games against the house but instead like to play against other players but the possibilities are limited. There is of course always gambling on poker which has become extremely popular and some online casinos also offer Backgammon which is a heads up game using dice but another gambling game using cards is 3 card brag which bears some similarity to poker gambling in that you can check raise or fold and there are multiple players but the similarities stop there and as the name suggests only uses three cards instead of five. There is also no such thing as an all in bet when gambling on brag as raises are limited to the size of the ante at the table you are playing and only a certain number of raises are permitted. Another unusual feature of brag gambling is the ability to play blind which means placing bets without having seen your cards. This may seem strange at first but when gambling on your cards blind you are only gambling half the ante stake which effectively means that you are in the game on the cheap. Brag players will often stay blind right up until the card exchange which is another feature of gambling on brag. For online poker players brag gambling can present a different set of challenges. carries a page on brag gambling which outlines the game but a much more comprehensive description can be found at Paddy Power casino which seems to be the only online casino which carries brag gambling. There are other online casinos that have the name brag in their line up but these are invariably gambling games played against the house rather than other players which is therefore not the true brag gambling.