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Backgammon gambling at online casinos is great fun

By mr-gambling on 2014-09-13 08:22:30

For those who enjoy online gambling against other players there are very limited opportunities outside online poker which is not everybody’s cup of tea but there is one gambling game which has been around a long time and is still played on the streets of the Middle East and that is Backgammon. Backgammon gambling online used to be impossible until the online casinos thought of offering it and developed the software to handle it which being a gambling game with interaction between players required something special in the same way in which online poker does. Gambling on Backgammon is always between two players so if you want to play backgammon you will need to get onto the site and pick a competitor who is willing to play for the same stakes that you are. There are various online casino sites that offer Backgammon gambling with the most famous being PartyGammon which is part of the Bwin/Party group and whose site is dedicated to Backgammon gambling. Irish casino players who already have accounts with Paddy Power casino or Ladbrokes casino can also find backgammon gambling on the sites. Gambling on backgammon seems at first to be a simple matter of luck throwing a couple of dice and moving pieces around a board but although it cannot be denied that luck plays a part, as it does with most online gambling games, there is also an element of strategy which is explained quite well by the online casinos rules section. Over the course of several backgammon games a better and more experienced player will win so if you are new to backgammon gambling keep your stakes low and only increase them as you get more and more confident. Gambling on backgammon is entertaining as well as exciting and makes a great change from the regular online casino games which are played against the house.