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3 card brag gambling is an alterantive to online poker

By mr-gambling on 2013-09-30 13:09:50

There are few casino gambling games where you have the chance to play against other players rather than against the house and whilst the most popular of those games is poker there is another called 3 card brag. Gambling on brag has very few similarities with gambling on poker except that there are several players and you can raise, check or fold. As you might expect from the name of the game brag gambling is carried out using three cards only and the highest hand is three of a kind with three threes being the highest hand of all but there is the opportunity to change as many cards as you like after the first round of betting which keeps it interesting as a rubbish hand can quickly be transformed. Another interesting quirk in brag gambling is the ability to play “blind” which in effect means that you place bets without having looked at your cards which may seem a strange thing to do but your bet is then only half of what it would have been had you seen your cards so it is not that unusual to see players gambling on brag play blind right up until the card exchange. Brag gambling also has limits on what can be staked in terms of a raise which is a function of the table stake or ante so there is no such thing as an all in bet which in turn means that you known your maximum exposure for each hand. carries a page dedicated to 3 card brag gambling so if you want to know more please click to that page. Unfortunately the only online casino that we know of that offers 3 card brag gambling is Paddy Power which allows you to play against other players. Others such as BetFred casino or Bet365 Casino have what they call 3 card brag gambling but it is a game played against the house which is not true brag gambling.