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Will the Olympics be a sports gambling bonanza

By mr-gambling on 2012-07-23 11:06:03

Most of the online gambling sites available in Ireland offer us a choice of sports gambling or casino gambling on the same site, and most of their customers will register initially for just one of those options. The online gambling site operators clearly hope that by combining both gambling options on the one site, their customers will be tempted to try something different, at least occasionally. From the information we receive at this is generally more likely to happen with sports gambling fans trying casino games than the other way round, but major sporting events such as the Grand National or recently the football European Championships can tempt casino gamblers to have a go. Many of the online gambling companies were however disappointed with their results from the European Championships, because the majority of the match results went very much according to form and were fairly predictable, but this year they have another chance. We are about to witness what many believe to be the greatest sporting event of them all, with the London Olympics finally about to start. Certainly the bookmakers will be hoping that the Olympics will be a sports gambling bonanza, and with the massive television coverage these Olympics are likely to have, they could well be right. Certainly the Olympic Games offer so many different sports that almost all of us can find something to interest us, even if it’s just the beach volleyball. If you would normally stick to online casino gambling, will you be tempted to back Usain Bolt in the sprints, or Brazil in the football tournament. Perhaps you prefer to watch the swimming or the equestrian events, the sports gambling choices over the next couple of weeks will be endless and all on television so you can follow your predictions live. Whatever your choice of sport, we wish you the best of luck.