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Try head to head backgammon gambling

By mr-gambling on 2013-05-21 13:26:34

If you are one of those people that likes gambling head to head, meaning one against one, and you are fed up with poker you may want to give Backgammon a try. Here in Ireland we have not seen too much of backgammon as it is originally thought to come from the Middle East where it is still played today and you can often see two players hunched over a backgammon board gambling and they take it very seriously. In Ireland we need to look at those online casinos that have the software to play head to head games and that usually means those that offer poker so gambling on backgammon is restricted to Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Party Casino and unfortunately they each have backgammon tucked away in a different section from the regular online casino gambling. Party for example have a separate section altogether called PartyGammon and they are probably the leader for Backgammon; Paddy Power casino has backgammon gambling hidden away in the “player” section and Ladbrokes casino has decided to put backgammon into the “games” section. Look out for the tournaments which can be a great introduction to gambling on backgammon without costing an arm and a leg and anyway if you are new to backgammon gambling we would certainly advise you to keep your stakes low as although it is a dice game which inevitably involves luck there are certain strategies which must be learned. We shall not attempt here at to give you a complete run down of how to play backgammon as the online casino sites themselves generally have excellent descriptions and often tips about what to avoid and how to play but it is certainly a casino game with an element of skill as well as luck so a better player will win over the long term.