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The leading bookmakers still offer some of the widest online gambling options

By mr-gambling on 2018-10-30 15:23:05

Nowadays online gambling is not confined to internet sites operated by the big bookmakers because online casino gambling in particular is now available from a whole range of new specialist online casino sites with no interest in sports gambling at all. In the early days however all the online gambling sites were operated by the leading bookmakers and most of them were originally targeted solely at their existing sports gambling customer base. The big bookmakers who we knew from their widespread presence on our high streets were among the first to offer us the opportunity to enjoy our sports gambling online, but they were quickly joined by a number of new internet only bookmakers with no high street betting shops at all. Competition was therefore very fierce right from the start and although the high street bookmakers clearly had a head start in terms of their brand awareness, the newcomers were quick to establish their own brands which they did mostly through sports sponsorship. Although most of these online sports gambling sites tried to attract new customers through a wide variety of special offers and free bets, there was in fact very little to distinguish between them when it came to the odds they offered on specific sporting events. That was one of the reasons why those first online gambling sites began to introduce a few gambling games onto their sports gambling sites, and why we now also have such a strong online casino gambling sector. It was through the quality and range of gambling games they were able to offer their customers that they were able to stand out from the crowd, which is why there was such a rush to add more and more games as quickly as possible. The online gambling games that became accessible on these big multiple purpose online gambling sites clearly included all the traditional casino gambling games such as roulette, blackjack and poker, along with a variety of numbers games based on the popular game of bingo, but the vast majority of these new games were slots games with various different themes. The need for an increasing number of different online slots gambling games was also why the specialist online casino software companies became such an important factor in the development of the online gambling business we know today. Almost all of the online sports gambling sites are still operated by the leading bookmakers of course and those with a big high street presence still reportedly maintain an advantage over their internet only rivals. In Ireland that means that Paddy Power is probably still the most popular bookmaker, both online and through their huge chain of more than 200 betting shops. The Paddy Power online gambling site offers a full range of gambling options from coverage of most important sporting events from around the world, to a massive selection of gambling games. The Paddy Power site also offers financial spread betting and continues to dream up new quirky special offers to distinguish themselves from their rivals.

A large high street presence is also the reason why Ladbrokes probably occupies second place in the Irish online gambling scene. Ladbrokes is also probably the biggest bookmaker in the UK and one of the oldest in the world. Again the Ladbrokes online gambling site covers a full range of different gambling options, with a huge variety of casino gambling games. The Ladbrokes specialist online poker and online bingo sites are particularly popular along with lotteries from all around the world. It is fair to say that very few if any online gambling sites offer more gambling options than Ladbrokes. Another bookmaker with a significant number of high street betting shops is BetFred, and although they do not have a large presence in Ireland when compared to Paddy Power or Ladbrokes, their online gambling site is still very popular. Once again you will find an excellent range of online casino gambling games available in instant or download format, but BetFred have also become known for their in-play sports gambling options. The BetFred poker site also features a special area for beginners as well as cash games and tournaments throughout the day and night.

When it comes to the bookmakers who concentrate solely on the online gambling sector, Party Gaming is probably one of the best known brands. Party Poker in particular has established a huge reputation among serious poker players, but Party Casino and PartyGammon are also increasingly popular. Online sports gambling enthusiasts are also well catered for on the PartyBets site. Initial registration is through the Party Casino site from where you can access all their other online gambling options. Bwin is another popular online bookmaker with excellent online gambling facilities across the whole range. Bwin is an Austrian registered company and is perhaps best known for their shirt sponsorship deals with Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. The excellent graphics on the Bwin casino gambling site are particularly impressive and contribute to a truly exciting and enjoyable online gambling experience. Bwin also offers a full range of online poker gambling options including tables for beginners where they can learn to play for very low stakes. If you prefer casino gambling games which require an element of skill the Bwin also offer Backgammon, Yatzy and Mahjong among their comprehensive range of gambling games. Another major online only bookmaker is 888 Holdings. Another bookmaker who relies on sports sponsorship to increase their brand awareness, 888 also targets the Irish online sports gambling community by paying particular attention to our GAA sports and Irish horse racing. There is no doubt that the 888 online gambling sites are as good as anything currently available here in Ireland, and when taken in conjunction with all the other excellent online gambling sites we can access here in Ireland completes what is an exciting range of gambling options. We are fortunate to have so many excellent options to choose from and we are sure that whatever site you choose you will enjoy the experience.