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The emergence of the online gambling software industry

By mr-gambling on 2013-12-25 11:26:52

The gambling industry has undergone enormous changes over recent years, primarily as a result of modern technology. Not many years ago it was the high street betting shops which were the focus of almost all sports gambling in Ireland and the UK, and casino gambling was even more limited with very few real casinos within reach of potential casino gambling customers. Nowadays, with almost universal access to the internet much of our sports gambling is now done online and the introduction of online casinos has brought casino gambling to a much wider audience. In fact gambling on casino games online is rapidly catching up with our love of gambling on the horses as a primary gambling activity. Along with the rise of online gambling sites we have seen a whole new gambling industry develop in the form of the specialist internet gambling software companies. As with any online retail operation the online gambling sites need good software to manage the site and provide the necessary security to protect the personal details of their customers. The layout and appearance of any internet website is also the responsibility of the software supplier, but when it comes to online casino gambling there is an additional factor which some would consider even more important and that is the casino games themselves. The gambling games on an online casino site are in effect the product they are selling, so the quality and appeal of those casino games is of paramount importance to the online gambling site operator. This is where the specialist online gambling software companies have the biggest influence and what defines one online casino from another. Unfortunately in the eyes of some critics the emergence of dominant gambling software companies such as Playtech can and does lead to many sites looking remarkably similar and worse still offering the same casino gambling games. This is of course particularly noticeable in the range of slots gambling games on each site. There is however hope that the online casinos software companies will respond to this problem and show a little more imagination when supplying more than one online gambling site.