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Scratch card gambling is now the most available form of gambling

By mr-gambling on 2016-04-12 11:00:56

Every so often in Ireland and elsewhere in the world gambling comes under increased scrutiny and criticism from a variety of lobbying groups. The most recent target in Ireland has been the fixed odds gambling terminals which have become so common in our high street betting shops, but whatever the rights or wrongs of the arguments for or against these machines, what is clear is that some forms of gambling are apparently more socially acceptable than others. For many years casino gambling for instance was generally ignored because it was not a mainstream gambling activity. Bingo on the other hand was a hugely popular form of gambling across the country, but again did not seem to attract much criticism from the anti-gambling lobby. Then we come to what is probably currently the biggest gambling activity of all, the lotteries and of course scratch cards. For many people scratch card gambling is now a feature of their daily lives, and purchasing a scratch card is as normal as buying a newspaper or a tin of beans. Yet in spite of the fact that the opportunities for us to get involved in gambling on scratch cards are probably greater than any other form of gambling, scratch card gambling does not seem to worry anybody. The appeal of scratch card gambling is of course in the instant results they provide, in much the same way as slot machines, which probably explains why scratch card gambling games are also becoming popular on our online casino gambling sites. It is also true that gambling on scratch cards online is now far cheaper than buying a scratch card on the high street, and most online casino gambling sites offer scratch card games at as little as 0.1 euros a game.